Rep Mike Johnson, GOP nominee for the Speaker of the House [ Official portrait]

Republican Mike Johnson, the vice chair of the House Republican Conference emerged as the latest nominee for the position of Speaker of the House. Johnson, hailing from Louisiana, secured the party’s nomination to lead the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Johnson is a Trump loyalist. In 2022, New York Times described him as “the most important architect of the Electoral College objections.”  He spearheaded an amicus brief that garnered the signatures of over 100 House Republicans, backing a Texas lawsuit aimed at overturning the 2020 election results in four swing states.

In a division within the Republican Party into two factions, there is no assurance that the vote for Johnson will differ from the case of Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise.

The vote is set for Wednesday, and Johnson must secure 217 votes to assume the role of Speaker of the House.

The House of Representatives has been without the speaker since October 3rd.



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