Despite the sorrow sprung after the recent terrorist attack, London sends a strong message of unity and cohesion.

Last Thursday, London was, once again, hit by a terror attack. Khalid Masood, 52, drove his dark 4×4 past Westminster bridge, hitting pedestrians and crashing on the gates of Westminster, where he then killed a police officer with a knife.

The terror attack outside Westminster took place exactly one year after the Brussels bombings, which killed 32 people. Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that other attacks will follow around Europe’s biggest cities.

Last week it was London, tomorrow, it could be anywhere else. This situation, however, does not have to trigger fears and insecurities among British citizens but rather give them strength to stand united.

London will never fall

As people gathered around Westminster in the hours following the attack, messages, tributes, and flowers started to cover the gates of the British Parliament.

“We will never be beaten! London stands united and shall never live in fear. We are one city, a city never divided by acts of hatred. United together!” said one of the most touching messages.

It is easy to fall into cliché statements – we will not fall; terrorism will not win – but these words are truly felt in the multicultural London. The United Kingdom has previously faced terrorist attacks, bombings, and large-scale killings but has always shown great resilience and ability to move forward.

“It’s an inexplicable truth that our country and our Parliament are always at their best and strongest when things are at their worst, “ Andrew Bridgen MP stated for The Pavlovic Today.

London, as it did before, will continue to stand united and will not fall into the trap of bigotry, populism, and islamophobia.

Heroic gestures are a true statement of unity

So where should Londoners find the strength to go forward? As horrific as it was to see pedestrians violently hit by a car, bystanders decided to stay there to help and comfort injured people, even when the easiest – and most tempting – thing to do was to run away.

Tobias Ellwood, Tory minister, although he was told to seek cover, rushed to the Westminster gates trying to save Pc Keith Palmer. These heroic gestures do not belong to the normality of the political cliché statements. They are a true testament of unity and strength. These spontaneous acts, small but truly significant, are part of the recipe that will defeat terrorism. The courageous actions of Tobias Ellwood and of many pedestrians of Westminster bridge, are a much stronger incentive – to stay united and put a stop to the spread of hatred and fear.

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