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What it takes to be courageous? Find out in these simple 12 steps.

Being courageous is not hard. It is the first step that we can’t seem to take that scares us. It is all new. It is different; it goes against those inner fears that want us to stay put and don’t change a thing; against self-preservation instincts signaling that a great predator is out there to get us.

What is out there that you should be afraid of? In most cases – nothing. It is fear itself that actually scares us.

  1. Being courageous doesn’t mean you are not to feel any fear. Nobody is fearless. Fear is healthy mechanism for self-preservation.
  2. Being courageous is facing your fears and acknowledging them.
  3. Acting despite those fears – don’t let yourself get paralyzed. Move. Courage is a muscle and it has to be used.
  4. Most fears are there just to guard ourselves – almost every new and different thing is interpreted as undesirable by our mind. “Change is not good,” our brain tells us. We are conditioned to pursue familiar and comfortable even when “new and different” is much better than the known.
  5. Stepping forward over those comfort zone borderlines brings personal growth – you’ll learn something about yourself; you will experience new things and open your horizons. You will definitely be proud of yourself for being brave.
  6. Being courageous is sticking through uncomfortable situations and feelings.
  7. It is speaking from your heart, acting from your guts – speak your truth and live your life the way you desire.
  8. It is being accountable for what you say and do – stand your ground when you believe in something and be open enough to hear others and change your opinion in the light of new knowledge.
  9. Courage is making decisions and facing the outcomes.
  10. It is standing up for those who look up to you, for those you can protect and for those who depend on you.
  11. Courage is opening your heart to emotions and new experiences.
  12. It is having faith in yourself, in people and in life itself.

The ultimate courage is you taking the first step – everything else will follow.

Kristina Kantar is a writer and soul-searcher. She believes in miraculousness of life, in following your heart and the power of dreams. Strong advocate of freedom of human spirit and nonconformance to...

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