CHICAGO—In response to the recent Supreme Court decision allowing businesses to deny services based on personal beliefs, Mayor Brandon Johnson expressed his strong disapproval, citing concerns about equality and the establishment of a dangerous precedent. Mayor Johnson emphasized the need to prevent further discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, especially when their rights are already being severely challenged.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision allowing businesses to refuse services based on personal beliefs not only violates principles of equality but opens the door to an extremely dangerous precedent. Our country should not, and cannot, further discriminate against and limit the freedom of our LGBTQ+ communities at a time when their rights are already severely under attack,” said Johnson.

Drawing parallels to another recent ruling that terminated affirmative action, the mayor argued that such decisions would only contribute to increased discrimination and division within society. He urged all institutional leaders and stakeholders in the city of Chicago to remain committed to safeguarding LGBTQ+ rights and promoting inclusive practices.

“Like yesterday’s ruling to end affirmative action, this will only further discriminate and divide us, so I call upon all institutional leaders and stakeholders to continue protecting these rights and practices in the city of Chicago,” he said.

Following the end of Pride month, Mayor Johnson reaffirmed his dedication to creating a city that embraces diversity, love, and acceptance.

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