Mark Zuckerberg

Like Mark Zuckerberg, you too have the ability to reach the heights of success.

Renowned entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg’s success is only dreamt of by the world, but many fail to realize that his colossal success is built on the fundamental pillars of determination and persistence. This Facebook CEO and co-founder is not so much a product of luck and opportunity as he is a believer in certain principles, that you too must learn to make the most of your lifetime.

1.Nurture your passion and follow it no matter what.

Zuckerberg’s fascination with computers and technology existed since his childhood. Passion is something that will cast wonderful magic in one’s life, if utilized, which Zuckerberg did. In his early years, he used his knowledge of software to develop small programs useful in daily life such as “Zucknet”, Synapse. Other than this, Zuckerberg would create software simply for fun. Even during his time at Harvard University, Zuckerberg followed his passion by continuously developing new computer programs.

To accomplish success in the endeavor of your choosing, you must follow your passion regardless of how small the results may be. Zuckerberg consistently did what he loved and of the many programs he invented, Facebook became the international sensation it is today.

2.Fight through obstacles and failures

Facebook was quickly gaining momentum but in 2006, the developers of a social networking site Harvard Connection, took  Mark Zuckerberg to the court for stealing their idea to build Facebook. Although it is in human nature to dislike having to deal with obstacles, it is very necessary. Zuckerberg was very determined as he tried to reason that Harvard Connection and Facebook were built using different ideas.

Despite his efforts, he failed to bypass the situation without a penalty and the dispute resulted in a settlement of $65 million. If Zuckerberg had given up after this settlement, Facebook would not be what it is today. Therefore, obstacles and failures should not weaken you and should instead strengthen your will to perform better next time.

3.Be generous and kind-hearted

Mark Zuckerberg has succeeded tremendously but his values and generosity remain the same. This is demonstrated by his philanthropic efforts – in September 2010, he donated $100 million to rescue Newark Public Schools system in NJ. Moreover, in December 2010, he agreed to donate a minimum of 50% of his entire wealth throughout his life.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook has grown exponentially over the years. This can partially be attributed to Zuckerberg’s extreme humility and kindness. In other words, it is critical for you to help others in this world and blend positivity and modesty in your actions. Zuckerberg’s idea may have changed the virtual world immensely, but its existence is supported by you and billions of other citizens whose love and support must be won with the act of generosity.

In essence, you have the ability to reach the heights of success if you integrate passion, determination, and generosity into your daily actions.

Basit Ali is a student at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto. Over the years, he has developed an exceptional interest in current business issues occurring on a global scale. As a commerce student,...

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