Jasmine Razeghi writes on the recent Gallup Poll and what the responses reveal about American patriotism.

A recent Gallup Poll conducted between May 24-June 4 asked surveyors whether they are proud to be an American and the results reveal the lowest percentage of proud Americans to date. This question was asked during Gallup Polls since 2001. 

The majority of Americans considered themselves proud to be an American, with 42% of respondents that said they are “extremely proud” and 21% of Americans that said they are “very proud”. 

What, If Anything, Should Be Considered? 

This poll came at a time of American unrest as people have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic and protesters marched against injustice and police brutality. Additionally, the coronavirus has put the United States into a recession. America is hurting. A lack of American pride is not surprising, given the circumstances.

The George Floyd protests sparked a movement for an increasing amount of police brutality being spotlighted such as the murders of Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks. The ongoing protests are most likely a reality-check for many Americans, possibly urging them to rethink whether they are proud to live in the America that protesters have revealed.

Historically, Republicans have been much more proud to be American compared to Democrats and Independents but even their level of pride decreased to 67% in being extremely proud to be an American, the lowest percentage since 2001.

Who, Exactly, Isn’t as Proud to be an American?

In particular, people between 18-29 are only 20% extremely proud to be an American. Among college graduates, 34% are extremely proud to be an American. 34% of women are extremely proud to be an American. Notably, only 24% of non-white individuals are extremely proud to be an American. 

These subgroups are of course historically more democratic leaning, so the results align with what is expected. Regardless of what is expected, shouldn’t the United States work to increase national pride amongst these subgroups? 

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