Justin Trudeau

What makes Justin Trudeau an attractive leader to the millennials?

Justin Trudeau- The man who has single-handedly changed the course of politics by giving the rightful precedence to basic human rights over economics and markets, international relations or diplomacy. Not only has he worked toward making Canada a very receptive and accepting country for refugees and immigrants alike, but he has also passed some of the most progressive and liberal laws that the 21st century desperately needs. Justin Trudeau is a human rights activist, a diplomat and a politician all in one; a unique and rare combination, to say the very least.

What makes Justin Trudeau (debatably) the most remarkable leader in the contemporary world is his striking understanding of basic rights like equality, freedom of choice and social justice, in a world that cares more about economic success and political standings than the very basic value of human life.

Justin Trudeau is a leader who doesn’t only empathize with suffering and violence, but recognizes it and acts against it. One of the most important actions taken by the Canadian government under Justin Trudeau is the intake of over 25,000 Syrian refugees through direct government sponsorship.

The refugees have not only been welcomed to a foreign land with open arms but it has been ensured that they adjust to the society as smoothly as possible. Trudeau never fails to remind the world that humanity transcends religion, race or gender. His famous “diversity is our strength” tweet reminds everyone that Canada is what it is today because of the huge influx of diverse immigrants.

Justin Trudeau is an active advocate of inclusivity

Whether it is women, immigrants, or homosexual people, Justin Trudeau makes sure that no one in his country feels marginalized.

Although Justin Trudeau got a lot of attention since the start of his campaign, he has gained an increasing amount of regard and significance since Donald Trump won the American Presidential Election in 2016.

Trudeau has taken several steps that show his condemnation of Trump’s policies, like his tweet about immigrants in response to Trump’s Muslim ban and his plans to increase funding to international organizations that provide abortion-related services after U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order blocking American funding for those services. 

Justin Trudeau’s journey for egalitarianism continues. He has shown the world that while there is always going to be subjectivity in politics, basics human rights are paramount and cannot be compromised on.

Ateeya Sandhu is studying International Relations at the University of Toronto. She is an avid reader who is extremely passionate about feminism, equality rights and social problems in India. An altruist...

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