EFT tapping therapy

EFT Tapping Therapy is an alternative method to relieve anxiety and sadness.

When we seek professional help to alleviate feelings of stress or sadness, we often turn towards medication or psychotherapy. Both of these methods can lead to incredible results, but there are plenty of alternative therapy options, such as tapping therapy, that can help improve mental health without making a dent in your wallet.

How does EFT Tapping Therapy work?

EFT tapping therapy involves focusing on 12 main points throughout the body. We focus on these 12 specific points because they are a source of internal energy that can hold onto anger, sadness, and fear. EFT Tapping therapy can be learned in four main steps.

Identify the problem. The issue could be general feelings of sadness, a specific conversation that is making you upset, or a loss of someone you care about. Reflect on the deep-rooted cause of the problem, rather than just focusing on the symptoms so that you see successful results.

Think about how the problem is currently making you feel. Is it a small nagging thought in the back of your head or heavy negative emotions that distract you from daily responsibilities? Try rating the intensity of your sadness or stress on a 1- 10 scale, one being low intensity and ten being the highest.

Form your statement. Create a sentence that acknowledges the problem, but at of the sentence you should openly express unconditional affirmation of yourself

For Example:

“Even though I worry too much what others think of me, I fully accept and love myself.”


Start tapping Use four fingers and gently tap 5 – 7 times on each of the nine points. As you tap repeat your statement and think about the root of your anxiety. The main points include:



-Side of eye

-Under eye

-Under nose




Once you reach the last point, return to the first one (head) and repeat the cycle over again. After two or three times, stop and reflect on your emotions. Has your anxiety or sadness decreased at all? Continue tapping until you start to see results. Feel free to modify your statement to include recent progress and newly discovered thoughts.

What are the benefits of EFT tapping therapy?

You can see results without spending any money. Although there are licensed professionals that can help guide you through the process, you can also master tapping therapy by watching free video tutorials.

Tapping therapy is described as the less painful version of acupuncture. Similar to acupuncture, tapping therapy relieves stress by focusing on pressure points that cause energy to build up in your body.

Studies reveal that people see more results than psychotherapy. 90% of people report significant feelings of relief, while 76% report complete relief from symptoms. 65% People participating in psychotherapy report significant improvement while only 51% report complete relief from symptoms

Fewer sessions are needed to find relief. Patients reported that after three sessions of tapping therapy they noticed an improvement in mental health, while patients with psychotherapy reported 15 sessions were needed for significant improvement. EFT Tapping therapy is effective because rather than just talking about emotions, it gives patients an outlet to exert energy, by lighting exerting pressure on areas of tension.

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