Liz Truss, a self-proclaimed admirer of Margaret Thatcher, has been desperately trying to emulate her predecessor’s legacy within the walls of Whitehall. Throughout her brief stint as the UK Prime Minister, lasting a mere 44 days, Truss spared no effort in mimicking Thatcher’s style, from hair and makeup to her attempt at walking in the Iron Lady’s footsteps.

Eager to establish herself as a significant figure on the world stage, Truss embarked on a visit to Taiwan, following in Thatcher’s footsteps once again. During her time there, she criticized the efficacy of institutions like the UN Security Council and the World Trade Organization, advocating instead for a “network of liberty” in the form of an “economic NATO.” Her proposal aimed to unite free nations against Beijing’s influence.

China’s UK embassy condemned Truss’s visit, dismissing it as a “dangerous political show” that would only harm the UK. Meanwhile, when questioned by The Pavlovic Today about the US perspective on Truss’s Taiwan visit and the concept of an “economic NATO,” the State Department’s spokesperson, Matt Miller, sidestepped the issue, promising to provide an answer later.

Eventually, the State Department’s Bureau of East Asia and the Pacific responded, evading any substantial comment and deferring inquiries to Truss and her team.

Notably, a source within the Biden administration confided in The Pavlovic Today, expressing a lack of regard for Truss and dismissing her relevance in engaging with the notion of an “economic NATO.”

Truss’s call to the G7 nations has similarly fallen on deaf ears, as her plea for serious consideration has been met with indifference. It appears that Truss’s attempts at foreign affairs relevance and influence have failed to captivate both the US and other key players on the international stage.

Truss remains hopeful that her idea will find a more receptive audience among her supporters within the Republican Party.


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