Liz Truss could not politically survive. This afternoon, the UK Prime Minister has been forced to step down and announce her resignation. She said that there will be a new Leadership Election next week.

A new prime minister will take over as soon as the party casts a vote, but at this moment, it is unclear who so called “the unity candidate” could be.

The Chair of the 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, came to No.10 this morning to deliver bad news to Prime Minister Truss. The number of letters of no-confidence in Truss not only met the 54 minimum, but some Conservative MPs estimate have reached 100. Even MPs who supported Truss and voted for her over Rishi Sunak said Truss is the “wrong person for the job.”

Truss’s position has become untenable and now is to be seen what may the Conservative party do to assure the stability for the British people.

The Labour leader Kier Starmer is calling for the General Election. He said the Conservatives do not have the mandate to govern anymore. “We need General Election, now,” said Starmer.

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