LONDON—Former Prime Minister Liz Truss, known for her tumultuous and brief tenure in Downing Street, defended her actions today, insisting that her only regret was moving too swiftly in her role. Truss, whose tenure was marred by a disastrous “mini-budget” that sent shockwaves through the financial markets, ultimately leading to an embarrassing and damaging U-turn, spoke about her time in office.

“It’s not because I’m keen to be back in Downing Street. I’m certainly not,” Truss stated, refuting any suggestion of a political comeback.

During her speech, Truss took aim at what she referred to as the “anti-growth coalition,” a term she used to describe a powerful faction comprising elements of the economic and political elite, corporate interests, a section of the media, and even members of the Conservative Parliamentary party.

“The anti-growth coalition is now a powerful force,” Truss remarked.

The response from fellow Conservative MPs varied, with some expressing sympathy for Truss’s goals but criticizing her approach. Craig Mackinlay, a Tory MP, commented, “There was much about what Liz Truss said, and what she was trying to achieve, which I had a lot of sympathy for, but the way it was conducted, obviously, didn’t go well, shall we say.”

Since Truss’s departure from the Prime Minister’s office, the Conservative Party has consistently lagged behind in the polls. Truss acknowledged this challenge and addressed it during her remarks.

“What people are frustrated about in Britain is costs have gone up, and their income has not gone up. The issue that we have got in the polls is that we have not done enough to deliver that change.”

While many conservatives may agree with her on the need for a smaller state and better economic growth, questions linger about whether Liz Truss is the most suitable individual to provide such counsel.

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