Liz Cheney vows to do anything she can to ensure that President Trump never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.  

Liz Cheney has been ousted from Republican leadership, and she will no longer be a House Republican Conference Chair. According to Jason Miller, Adam Kizinger was the only one in the room who voted against the decision to remove Cheney. 

After the vote, Kinzinger said that he is “Fully supportive of Liz. What happened today was sad. Liz has committed the only sin of being consistent and telling the truth, the truth is that the election was not stolen.”

In the immediate aftermath, the daughter of former vice-president Dick Cheney vowed to do anything she can to ensure President Trump never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office. Cheney said that the country needs a robust Republican Party and that going forward, she plans to lead the fight against the Trump faction. Congresswoman noted that Americans had seen the lack of Trump’s commitment and dedication to the Constitution and that his rhetoric is dangerous.

Trump responded by saying that Liz Cheney is a “bitter, horrible human being.” He went on to say that he “watched her yesterday and realized how bad she is for the Republican Party.” The former president said that Cheney is a “talking point for Democrats, whether that means the Border, the gas lines, inflation, or destroying our economy.”

Trump labeled Cheney as “a warmonger whose family stupidly pushed us into the never-ending Middle East Disaster, draining our wealth and depleting our Great Military, the worst decision in our Country’s history.”

Earlier this morning, ahead of the vote, Trump issued a statement calling Liz Cheney “a person with absolutely no personality or heart.” 

The vote for the next conference chair will be held on Friday. In the meantime, Stefanik has issued a letter to her colleagues on why she is running for House Republican Conference Chair


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