Actor Guillaume Dolmans, known for Marie Curie, une femme sur le front(2014), Happiness Never Comes Alone(2012) and Jeux dangereux (2012) is a man of hidden depths. Whether he is taking his Sixty Seconds of Solitude or he is shooting the Road to Roland Garros, Dolmans fills the screen with intense emotion and presence. In a candid interview for The Pavlovic Today, Dolmans talks about determination, the superficiality of Hollywood and his favourite poet Jaques Brel. 

You are known for the Road to Roland Garros. In what way is this experience meaningful for you?

Guillaume Dolmans: Every time at Roland Garros is very intense. It is a place of powerful exchange with high-level athletes. It is the « Why » since their childhood made them who they are: it’s their talent, it’s their parents, it’s their dream…It’s all that together. And above all, it’s determination. Determination is something that every human being can access. Determination is the key driver of life. Someone who is determined can go anywhere he or she wants.

What do you think of world tennis No.1 Novak Djokovic?

Guillaume Dolmans: I love this guy. His power, determination, every aspect of a high-level athlete he is, of course. Besides being the athlete he also is a very human person. He is consistent in who he is, in what he thinks, showcasing the high-level human values. And above all, he is funny.

You are a Belgium who lives between Paris and L.A. In what way, in any, does the way you interact with the world change as to where you are based? In what way is Paris different from LA?

Guillaume Dolmans: Every country has its reputation and very often it’s true in a sense that there is no smoke without a fire. The mentality of Paris is different than of Brussels and they’re both different from L.A of course.

Paris is the centre of the world. L.A. is superficial. (laughs) No. France is culture, history, food, wine. Paris is hectic. It is amazing to have and experience all the opportunities one has in Paris, every day. Access to culture. The great « Cinematheque » (dozens of amazing screenings every day), the « Centre Pompidou » (amazing exhibitions and talks) more than 300 theatres…Food for thought.

L.A., on the other hand, is more about awareness, self-conscious, health, sport…a healthy mind in a healthy body. On every corner, you can find a great yoga classes, amazingly healthy food and juice stores. And above all, the Ocean. As I’m very up for kitesurfing and surfing. L.A. is every morning a taste of paradise. So, the best way to balance my body and soul is living and tasting those two different lifestyles.  

Since the Heineken advertisement, everyone thinks of you as a dream date. The man who is elegant and strong and yet adventurous. Do you search for the same in a woman and what qualities do you find the most essential for partnership and life?

Guillaume Dolmans: Does fiction meet reality ?! But Love is the best fiction, isn’t it?

This week at the Pavlovic Today we are dedicating to feminism and the idea of an independent, irresistible and resilient woman. Is there any female in your family you consider inspirational?

Guillaume Dolmans: Mia Mama! I come from a big family. I have four brothers and one sister. My mother dedicated her life to raising what is more than a family. She built a world, her empire. We’re all very close to each other thanks to the values she raised us with. She will always be my inspiration.

What is your take on the superficiality of Hollywood? What way is the only way?

Guillaume Dolmans: My European background is of course very different from Hollywood. Hollywood is superficial…but then, isn’t every industry superficial? For my part, Hollywood’s superficiality is just a game. Let’s play the game!

You worked as a model and a very successful one. Have you ever felt objectified?

Guillaume Dolmans: No. Never.

Guillaume Dolmans
Guillaume Dolmans:

Who is your favourite poet?

Guillaume Dolmans: Jacques Brel is the Belgian poet and singer who moves me the most. 

« Les vieux» 

Les vieux ne parlent plus ou alors seulement parfois du bout des yeux Même riches ils sont pauvres, ils n’ont plus d’illusions et n’ont qu’un coeur pour deux Les vieux ne rêvent plus, leurs livres s’ensommeillent, leurs pianos sont fermés Le petit chat est mort, le muscat du dimanche ne les fait plus chanter Les vieux ne bougent plus leurs gestes ont trop de rides leur monde est trop petit Du lit à la fenêtre, puis du lit au fauteuil et puis du lit au lit.

What it feels like to be a man in this world?

Guillaume Dolmans: Referring to the strong and independent woman of today, I must say, I feel like a woman…(laughs). I feel good. Seriously. I am all about the equality — even if it’s not absolute of course — but I’m happy to live today and consider woman as equal as men…with their both particularities of course. As an actor, I have to work on my feminine part…and that’s important.

Any regrets?

Guillaume Dolmans: Never. Je ne regrette rien.



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