Warren Buffet

Learn the advice of one of the richest and most successful business investors in the world, Warren Buffet.

1. Sharpen your speaking and conversational skills.?
In the beginning of his career, Warren Buffet used to be afraid of public speaking. He soon realized that it is a necessary skill to attain success in his career. Hence, he enrolled in a Dale Carnegie course. To create your personal brand, you’re going to have to be proficient at marketing yourself, which requires strong public speaking skills. Whether it’s networking with people or giving speeches to a small group, speaking is an integral skill to almost any career. Like they say, it’s about who you know, and you can’t know people without honing your speaking skills!

2. Resist the ‘in’ things sometimes
You’ll never see Buffet jump into investing in social media or hot technology because he doesn’t know what is going to be ‘in’ 10 years down the line. Buffet understands the value of long-term investments and making decisions that might not be the ‘in thing’. Peer pressure can often influence your choices, sometimes deviating you from the right decision that may be best for you. Always think of the long-term consequences of your decisions and don’t be afraid of what might not be popular!

3. Save money
Spending your money cluelessly is the dumbest thing you can do with your money. Saving money is important. Making money from your money is even more important, investor Buffet would say. At a very young age, Buffet understood the value of money and the importance of using your resources adequately. Poor money management can lead to stress, impacting all other aspects of your life. Managing your money well can help you enjoy life, be more relaxed, and help in the longer term. While it may be tempting to buy the newest gadgets, take a step back and think about the financial consequences. It’s important, money doesn’t grow on trees!

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