“It’s a lesson to be learned, to know that we’re all in the same boat and to help one another in need,” says Falguni Raiya, a Houston resident minorly affected by Hurricane Harvey.

As Texans remain strong through Harvey, the life-threatening flood, The National Weather Service calls the flooding “unprecedented” as the flooding continues in Southeastern Texas with almost 50 inches of rainfall and 45mph winds. Houston OEM tweets that they’ve received over 56,000 911 calls, compared to the 8,000 on an average day. Texans appear to be more united than ever before, as citizens remain in solidarity throughout the emergent and devastating situation in Texas.

Dallas has turned their main convention into a mega shelter which can host 5,000 evacuees. Volunteer citizens, as well as officials, are working tirelessly to rescue the 6.5 million citizens residing in the area. FEMA administrator urges citizens to volunteer in assisting rescue efforts. Convoy of Hope as well as many other organizations are actively seeking volunteers.

The cooperation amongst citizens has remained phenomenal through this disastrous event. After the tweet by Houston Police asking citizens with boats to assist with rescue efforts, some men from Texas happily jumped on board and reported “[they’re] going to try to save some lives.”

Unnamed heroes also include neighbors and other victims who have continually helped each other remain safe by sharing supplies or putting seniors or children on boats first.

“Texas Navy” can be seen all over Houston – an army of private citizens pulling out their boats to rescue citizens. “It’s a lesson to be learned, to know that we’re all in the same boat and to help one another in need,” says Falguni Raiya, a Houston resident minorly affected by the floods.

The solidarity of Americans

The solidarity of Texans mesmerizes an outsider like me, how the community comes together to help friends and strangers in this time of solidarity. It’s an awe-worthy expression of the meaning of community – an alliance helping other citizens because they share one common bond as citizens of Texas.

The togetherness of Texans demonstrates what it means to be a member of one’s community, fulfilling duties as a citizen by ensuring that everyone in the community remains safe through this difficult time.

President Trump will be arriving in Corpus Christi after visiting Austin, the state capital. He has cooperated with FEMA and local state governments to ensure the safety of fellow Texans and presented a unified front in dealing with this unprecedented disaster. The perseverance and solidarity of Texans in the past week impeccably portray the meaning of “one American family.”

Whether it’s taking their own boat to rescue citizens or sending resources or financial aid to another fellow Texans, this state is seen to be putting up a united front against this disastrous situation. Their courage, strength, and unity is an inspiration to all of us and reminds cities and countries to never forget that they are one big family.

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