Ed Davey MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats, went on Sky News today to bash the Conservatives. MP for for Kingston and Surbiton issued a stark warning to the government, commenting on Liz Truss’s lack of clarity regarding the Universal Credit

“The government needs to think about the millions of people out there who would be struggling even more, if they failed to take this policy,” said Davey. “I go around my constituency and talk to people who are in work, but require support from Universal Credit. I talked to people who are on disability benefits, real people who are already struggling, frankly, more than they’ve had for many years. If the government was so hard hearted not to uprate benefits by inflation I think that would be a social catastrophe,” warned Davey.

“Look what they’re doing at the same time,” he continued. ” They’ve talked about tax cuts for the richest people, now they may have u-turned on that they’re still giving huge tax cuts for large corporations, much of which is going to the big banks, they’re refusing to bring in a windfall tax, a proper windfall tax on the unexpected high profits of the oil and gas companies.”

The leader of the Liberal Democrats went on to criticize the Conservatives. “This is a government that’s completely out of touch with what’s happening in our country. They’ve got their priorities wrong.” 

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