Larry Kudlow held a gaggle with reporters after a TV appearance on Fox News.

No major news, but here’s some quotes: 

On Phase 3 stimulus package: “I will say this: If we get this package, we’ll be setting the stage for a good rebound in the second half of the year. That’s our thinking. This package will undergird workers and families, Main Street, small businesses. The banks are in good shape, gratefully. So we’ll see. That’s why we just got to keep those payrolls up and keep the small business in place to the best of our ability. My message is please just vote on it. Get it through.”
On predictions for GDP growth: “I’ve avoided that. I’ll continue to avoid it. It’s going to be rough. We know that it’s a big challenge. I’ve been saying that for weeks and weeks. We will see. But I’m going to leave it be.”
On why stimulus is necessary if plans is to reopen the economy: “I want to be careful here because the president is put this out there, talked to a bunch of us. We can target zones where the virus is less prevalent. Things are safe. We’re not abandoning the health professionals’ advice, but there is a clamor to try to reopen the economy, and perhaps I’ll call it less of a shut in. And so that’s one piece that’s yet to be determined, but it’s one piece is being looked at. We still need the assistance because in the next week or two or three, you’re still gonna have a lot of hot zones, you still got a lot of shut ins. There’s no miracle here. We’re not just flipping a switch. The assistance is so vital.”
On whether it’s worth opening up the economy at the expense of public health: “I don’t see it that way. I think that public health includes economic health. That’s the key point. It’s not either-or. It’s not either-or. And that’s why we’re taking a fresh look at it.”

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