In a speech delivered in Manchester, Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the UK’s Labour party, has outlined a set of five pledges that he says will be at the heart of his party’s next manifesto and will guide the priorities of the next Labour government. Starmer’s proposed missions include an economic focus on making Britain the fastest growing major economy and delivering the highest sustained growth in the G7 by the end of Labour’s first term, as well as improving the National Health Service and addressing crime and education. Another key component of Starmer’s vision is his goal to transform the UK into a “clean energy superpower.”

The Labour leader’s announcements were met with applause from supporters in attendance, who were gathered on multiple floors of the venue. However, Starmer has faced criticism from some who question his commitment to the promises he is making now, given that they differ from the policies he ran on during his leadership campaign.

In response to these concerns, Starmer maintained that his previous statements still hold true: “Everything you’ve heard today won’t happen if we don’t have a Labour government.” He also asserted that the majority of Labour members and supporters are fully behind his plans.

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