Ksenija PAVLOVIC MCATEER: With a presumably democratic election on the horizon, the two-party-division has never been more precise. In a world where opposite opinions no longer reconcile, the truth becomes increasingly elusive and opinions even more so vindictive. 

Welcome to Day 7 before the historic election. Last night, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court. If you are not familiar with details, or you are not a  legal expert, you would not know what to think based on the statements coming out from the Democratic and Republican headquarters. 

Should anyone be surprised? Habitual campaign donors, ( individuals who contribute above average amounts, multiple times, and in consecutive elections) prefer congressional candidates who toe the party line to those who promote extreme views or make bipartisan appeals, a new study written by Gregory Huber and Andry Gooch suggests.

The Tale of Two Americas continues; the two exist in completely separate political realities, each convinced in the wrongdoings of the other one. American viewers, even international ones, are left with no idea what side to take for their word, as very little has to do with the facts and a lot with already preconceived ideological preferences. 

At the swearing-in ceremony, Trump gave a presidential speech— whatever the measure of such would be these days, with a bar so low that it probably considers nothing more than the president not yelling and name-calling. Biden is no different. His latest scream-fests and increased name-calling suggest that ‘when they go low, we go high’ is just an old-time campaign credo Michelle Obama came up with. 

Lindsey Graham went to Fox last night to deliver a zinger that created quite the splash. He said, “Mission accomplished, and the Left is going nuts tonight.” Little he was wrong about, but then, the political divide is only getting wider and deeper, and no side can bridge what has been done in the past four years. 

Even if Biden wins the election, as most of the Washington types believe will happen, he won’t be able to settle the Republican vote. Trump supporters will be angry the same way the Democrats would be if they lose. Whoever wins the 2020 election will face unprecedented resistance from the losing camp, and the next four years will bring more political conflict. 

The socio-political root is poisoned, divided, and turned against each other, bombarded with one-sided news that portrays the other side as “irrational, crazy, an angry mob, illegitimate, deplorables, chumps, communists”— the adjectives are plenty and ready-made to be used as the political parties see them fit. 


Tonight, Tucker Clarkson will be interviewing Tony Bobulinski on his show. The story that the NY Post broke has been ignored and suppressed, and a source connected to it was proclaimed “the Russian asset.” Suddenly, Tony Bobulinski, a former Navy Officer with a top security clearance is a “Russian asset.” The same was claimed for Tulsey and Tara Reade. Jill Stain even. Will Kanye West be next? Well, that would be racist, wouldn’t it? 

It’s a well-established modus operandi that, so far, has worked well to suppress negative stories about Joe Biden. Having Tucker Carlson lead the way in brave journalism these days is an oxymoron. Sort of, but that’s where we are. No one even cares to interview Bobulinski to find out what he has to say, and that is doing a great disservice to the public who has every right to know and make their own judgment on what has been presented in front of them.

The argument that the story has not been “verified” is mute, even more so as those who are supposed to “verify it” are the protagonists. At the same time, the Steele Dossier has been taken for its word, even in openly “unverified form.” Double standards further perpetuate this Tale of Two Americas, where censorship is used as a political tool in Election 2020. 

However, even with the open Facebook and Twitter suppression of the NY Post’s initial story, the effect of social media has its limits. The new study published Sept. 2 in the journal Science Advances, indicates that even political ads have little persuasive power, so it’s really puzzling —what can influence the voters’ preferences?

On social media, everyone is in their own information cascade, leaning on what’s familiar and in line with the popular opinion of that specific political stream. Cross-party diverse point of view is now a minority, and any attempt to say something critical of Joe Biden in front of the audience who is invested in voting out Trump ends up in labeling the journalist as “right-wing” or “Russian asset.” It’s an exhausted strategy, one would think, but sometimes even the exhausted strategy can work.

Partisanship is thickening. Journalism is in crisis. 

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