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If the Conservative Party does not get behind PM Boris Johnson, it will lose the General election to Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s a new dawn. Boris Johnson is the new PM of Britain. Many are still trying to get their head around that fact. By gaining 66% of the Tory members votes, Johnson made it clear that predictions that Jeremy Hunt was to assure the victory were nothing but wishful thinking. Ultimately, all politicians of the Conservative party answer to their membership. Those who’ve been criticizing Boris Johnson over the past few weeks will either come back to the parliament in September with a different attitude or will face the possibility of losing the General election to Jeremy Corbyn. 

What can Britain expect from Boris Johnson?

1. Boris Johnson made a commitment to deliver Brexit by October 31st, 2019. 

The new Prime Minister has very little time left and many problems to resolve. Nigel Farage is ready to make a deal with Johnson to prove his relevance and enter the government. Make no mistake. Farage is still a political outsider who is putting all he has on the Brexit card. Farage is hanging over Johnson’s head. The Brexit party is one-issue Brexit party, and either they are strategizing not to reveal other political issues they want to put forward, or they have none and their main agenda is to further isolate Britain. 

2. Boris Johnson made a commitment to unite Britain.

In theory, it sounds good. Trump made that same promise in his inauguration speech. Yet, Americans never got to terms to Trump’s victory and the society got fractured further apart. 

No one can bring the Conservative or the Labour party together until the will of the people expressed at the Referendum to leave the European Union gets implemented. When that happens, people will come to terms with a new reality where Britain’s at. You may like it or not, but the democratic vote is ought to be respected. That’s how democracy works. 

3. Boris Johnson made a commitment to defeat Jeremy Corbyn

Which side are you on? Socialist, Liam Young, took to Twitter to set demarcation lines: “You’re either with Boris Johnson’s Tory Party or with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.” The moment Johnson promised unity, a call for a new battlefield has been made. “It’s time to pick up the side and fight,’’ Young continues. “We have to ramp up the pressure to force a general election against this dangerous idiot”.

Who’s the idiot? The Labour thinks it’s Boris. If you ask Tories, they will tell you that the “lunatic who’s threatening Britain” is Jeremy Corbyn.

If Boris Johnson does not restore the center-right spectrum, the country will fall into the hands of Jeremy Corbyn. Conservatives who perhaps dislike no-deal Brexit have an alternative and that is, Jeremy Corbyn becoming the Prime Minister. 

The motion of no confidence?

The UK parliament will go into a recess on Thursday. To call for the general election, the Labour party has two options. To put the motion by Wednesday evening which leaves them with one day to act, or to wait until September and act. There is also a possibility that a few members of the Conservative Party who fall within the block of remainers will vote with them. 

Parliament can find a mechanism to stop the Brexit on October 31st  and that will lead to a general election. The Speaker is making the rules as he goes along, thus anything is possible. Otherwise, Britain will leave the EU on the 31st of October.

Tread carefully, Britain. You have terms and conditions of Brexit to determine and implement. You have the trade deals to negotiate. The general election will only deepen the crisis and destabilize you further. 

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