Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer, Chief White House Correspondent and editor-in-chief of The Pavlovic Today, discusses an Inauguration secured by the National Guard, QAnon, and what’s next for America. 


In an interview with Federico Grandesso of New Europe, Ksenija Pavlovic-McAteer addresses the tension in DC this week with the cool familiarity of somebody who has seen it all before. Indeed, she grew up under the dictatorship of Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia, as well as witnessed the first democratic Prime Minister of Serbia’s assassination. The strife, she understands, has not yet reached fever pitch here in the United States. Not to say that it will, but so far, it hasn’t.

To Pavlovic McAteer, this is the same story with different details, told all over the globe. With a keen eye, she identifies how Trump has “put in motion something which even he cannot control anymore,” as the nation looks toward the future. What comes next?

Throughout the interview, Pavlovic-Mcateer also touched upon conspiracy theory “QAnon.” As to what an effective solution would be to address “QAnon” across the population, Pavlovic-McAteer said, “Radical action would be to suspend high profile politicians from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. That’s not effective, as they can take their QAnon beliefs underground and to encrypted apps. Decentralized internet and encrypted channels are a new silk road for extremists to exploit.” She added, “If anyone had a magic formula for addressing QAnon types, we would not have extremist violence and radicalization around the world.” 

Pavlovic-McAteer, in her interview for New Europe, skillfully draws lingering questions out from the margins to the center of the page.

Read what else she has to say about the state of the nation in the midst of an Inauguration unlike any other

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