Elon Musk has given the middle finger to the censorship class involved in the suppression of free speech on Twitter. He has also given one to the liberal-dominated mainstream media for cheering on the Twitter censorship project and cancel culture. The more we learn about the Twitter files, the more culpable the national security apparatus appears for colluding with the top management in charge of the journalist’s app of choice, Twitter.

Following the fourth batch of Twitter files documenting how Twitter senior management was heavily censoring free speech in “partnership” with the FBI, DNI, and DHS, Colonel Vidman seemed particularly distressed about the revelations. On Sunday, he compared Elon Musk to the Nazi Geobbles and called for the new owner of Twitter to be prosecuted.

“Prosecute Elon Musk for what? He does not work for the government, he does not have a security clearance, he was not involved in the suppression of free speech and the Twitter censorship project so he is free as a bird to show us all the skeletons in Twitter’s closet,” I tweeted at Colonel Vindman.

Instead of answering my question, Colonel Vindman blocked me on Twitter. By this act, Colonel Vindman revealed himself to be a censorship madman who can’t tolerate the free-thinking press or even dare to respond.

Twitter Files show that the FBI, DNI, and DHS were the secret editor-in-chief of free speech and that this Ministry of Truth secretive merger had a considerably unhealthy influence over free speech in America.

Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer: By blocking me on Twitter over Elon Musk, Colonel Vindman revealed himself to be a censorship madman who can't tolerate a free-thinking press.
Twitter Files 4 [ ©Twitter ]

How dare Colonel Vindman block a journalist for asking a question and for pointing out that Musk does not work for the government nor holds a security clearance to be obliged to keep anyone’s secrets? How dare Colonel Vindman call for Elon Musk to be prosecuted?

Musk is removing the wool that’s being pulled over our eyes. Now we know for a fact who did what and why. Musk is a modern-day whistleblower. Given that Colonel Vindman was behind Trump’s impeachment over his phone call with Zelenskyy, I thought we would name all whistleblowers as heroes in America. Where do I even start with this shameless hypocrisy by Colonel Vindman? He has spent the last several years lecturing the entire world on transparency.

If Musk did this same thing to reveal what the Republicans were doing at Twitter, Colonel Vindman would be screaming from the rooftops, calling on the White House to decorate Musk with the Medal of Freedom.

“Move to Post, Mastodon, anything. Twitter is dead,” urged Colonel Vindman on Twitter to his followers. It seems that now that they have lost control over Twitter and cannot influence Elon Musk the way they used to, there is a big push for Mastodon supported by the liberal-dominated mainstream media.


Americans should never lower their expectations for free speech and the free-thinking press. When the White House is “keeping an eye” on Twitter, and Colonel Vindman is haranguing Elon Musk over showing the truth to the world, journalists should not be cowed into silence.

I am not sure what’s allowed to say in America anymore, but I intend to continue to speak up. Thanks to Elon Musk, we just might not be canceled for it.


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