Pool was ushered to the oval office at 2:33 pm.

Both the King and POTUS were seated next to each other. Crown Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II was also at the Oval office, sitting alone on the sofa next to the two leaders. 

The king spoke in fluent English, the Crown Prince didn’t speak, both leaders didn’t take any questions despite journalists shouting few.

Kings’s remarks

“Mr. President, thank you as always for the kindness. You showed me and as alluded to, I had the honor and the privilege of knowing you with my father, decades ago. So this is very rewarding for me to be able to see you in this position and to thank you for the generosity you’ve always have shown me and my country, you alluded to supporting us with vaccines on behalf of the people of  Jordan thank you so much for the leadership so not only is supporting our country but fighting COVID internationally to set the standard for the rest of this all, we come together as always strong partners. We have, as you said many challenges in our part of the world. Many of us leaders from around the world do the heavy lifting, which is what we need to do with the United States, but you can always count on me. My country, and many of our colleagues in the region. A lot to … ”

An expanded meeting with the delegation is to follow, its closed press event.

King Abdullah II is here on a long trip that started in California, after his meeting with POTUS. He is expected to meet tomorrow with Secretary of State, Antony Blinken at the State Dept. He is also scheduled to meet with congressional leaders in both chambers and from both parties. 

Jordanian delegation attending the expanded meeting: 

  • Foreign Minister and Deputy PM, Ayman Al Safadi.
  • Director of his King’s office Jafar Hassan.
  • Jordan Ambassador to the United States Dina Kawar.

The White House issued this statement on July 7

“The President and the First Lady look forward to welcoming His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, Her Majesty Queen Rania, and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein to the White House on July 19, 2021. His Majesty’s visit will highlight the enduring and strategic partnership between the United States and Jordan, a key security partner and ally of the United States. It will be an opportunity to discuss the many challenges facing the Middle East and showcase Jordan’s leadership role in promoting peace and stability in the region. President Biden looks forward to working with His Majesty to strengthen bilateral cooperation on multiple political, security, and economic issues, including the promotion of economic opportunities that will be vital for a bright future in Jordan.”

Earlier POTUS tweeted:

3:28 PM, the expanded bilat between POTUS and Jordan’s King Abdullah ended.

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