Melania Trump and Karen Pence entered the main auditorium here at 2:34.

There are long tables in the middle of the room, with the contents of the care bags on top, waiting to be packed up. They were introduced by Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, Chairman, American Red Cross,  whose introduction of Mrs. Trump included the lines: “She has used wealth to find wisdom, used success to find service,” calling her a First Lady who “has her priorities straight.” 

Melania Trump is wearing a dark khaki-colored button-down shirt with olive slacks and flats of some kind that have a pattern that from back here looks to be leopard print. 

McElveen-Hunter then introduced Karen Pence, who said in her remarks that as a military mother she is acutely aware of the importance of supporting military families and troops abroad, especially during the holidays. Pence introduced Melania Trump. 

Melania Trump verbatim remarks will follow as I hope to get an official copy, but she spoke for approximately four minutes, mostly thanking the volunteers and talking about her admiration for the military and families. 

After she was done, the packing began. She attached pic of what that looks like from our view — Louise Linton front and center in pale mauve suit.

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