Kanye West

The Kanye West’s surprise visit to Manhattan’s Trump Tower this morning has left the media in awe.

Today marks 38 days from Inauguration Day. In contrast to Obama in 2008 and his many predecessors,  President-elect Donald J. Trump is assembling his cabinet at the fastest rate. On the global front, President-elect and Vice President-elect spoke to 74 foreign leaders so far who congratulated them on the victory.

This morning, President-elect has confirmed his intention to nominate Rex Tillerson as the next Sec of State whom he sees as the epitome of the American dream. According to the transition team, Tillerson is a continuously successful businessman with a success story from rags to riches.

Following the announcement for Tillerson, it has been suggested that the President-elect has received an outpouring support from Former Vice President Dick Cheney, Paul Ryan, Bob Gates, Condoleezza Rice and many others who praised Tillerson.

“Rex Tillerson is an excellent choice for Secretary of State. He will bring to the post, remarkable and broad international experience; a deep understanding of the global economy; and a belief in America’s special role in the world. I look forward to supporting Rex through the confirmation process and then welcoming him to the family of Secretaries of State, ” said former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

This morning, President-elect met with music star Kanye West, his long-term friend. They both appeared after the meeting in front of the press stating where President-elect said that Kanye West is “ a good guy”  and that they talked namely about “life”. It is possible that Kanye West will be performing at Trump’s Inauguration.

Also in focus for today is President-elect’s meeting with Bill Gates, who had several things to say about Trump’s dedication to innovation.

Later today, President-elect will be meeting with Rick Santorum, a member of President-elect’s religious council.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence began his day chairing the Transition team meeting and will join President-elect later today for a Thank You tour rally in Wisconsin.

Tomorrow at 2 pm at Trump Tower, President-elect will be holding a Tech Summit. Many heavy hitters are expected to be in attendance to discuss innovation. President-elect recognizes the need to address innovators, so we have a business climate where people with good ideas can access capital to foster innovation.

Finally, the question of Russian cyber hack is still one of the favorite topics in the media. Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller stressed that DNI did not  embrace CIA report and considering that FBI is saying conflicting things,” this clearly was a  narrative put out trying to delegitimize Trumps win”

Concluding on the logic behind the decisions to select his cabinet, it has been suggested that what President-elect is looking for are successful people who will implement his agenda and not their agenda. “It’s not like we’re buying into their agenda, they’re buying into the vision of Trump, his agenda,” concluded Jason Miller.

With this, we conclude our Daily Download and will resume tomorrow.  


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