The presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden made a visit to his local memorial to honor those who sacrificed their lives. There, he had a message for Americans.

On Memorial Day morning, presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden visited the Delaware Memorial Bridge and Park in New Castle, Del., near his home in Wilmington, Del. Both Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, wore masks and could still attend their annual visit to the memorial site while maintaining social distancing. 

The Bidens take periodic walks and bicycle rides in their neighborhood and they remain serious about social distancing and adequate protections. Previously, Biden stated that all of his staff and the Secret Service protection Biden received as of mid-March wear appropriate masks and gloves in his home. 

This is the first time VP Biden left the Wilmington area since mid-March and his mask remained on throughout all of his public interactions today. VP’s last two outings occurred on March 10th, where he held a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio addressing gun violence (the President of Brady Campaign and the Founder of Mom’s Demand Action were present). 

Then, he delivered remarks in the evening at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA, forgoing primary rally scheduled for that day in Cleveland, Ohio, due to the coronavirus. Since his headquarters in Philly are “just around the corner”, Biden decided to deliver public remarks there instead. That evening he won the Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri primaries, extending his lead over Sanders who would drop out of the race on April 8th. Then, on the 12th of March, he addressed the press on the pandemic from the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, Del. Very limited social distancing occurred at the events, and no one wore personal protective equipment.

‘Never Forget’

On this Memorial Day, the Bidens placed a wreath before the Memorial Wall, which displays the names of 15,000 soldiers from Delaware and New Jersey who made immense sacrifices during WWII and the Korean War. The U.S. military and its soldiers also play a valuable role during the pandemic, transporting supplies to those in need, helping enforce lockdowns in some areas, and providing medical assistance where necessary. When asked if he had a message for the country on this solemn Memorial Day, Biden reminded the country to never forget.

“Never forget the sacrifices that these men and women made. Never, ever, forget”, he said.

Since Memorial Day 2020 occurs in the midst of quarantines in many states, people around the country are understandably not able to celebrate and grieve the way they normally would with gatherings prohibited. Many public places across the country, including memorials, also remain closed. The day is also a particularly solemn one for the Biden family, and their friends and relatives, as the anniversary of the death of Beau Biden comes on May 30th (he passed away on May 30th, 2015). Biden did remark on how he is faring during the necessary quarantine period.

“It feels good to be out of my house”, Joe Biden said.

The Bidens then safely met with a group of people gathered near the memorial. Among the group were General Francis D. Vavala, retired adjutant general of the Delaware National Guard, Matt Meyer, the New Castle, Del., County Executive, and a small group of veterans. 

“We’re all pulling for you, all of us, one hundred percent . . . You’ve got the whole country behind you”, Meyer told the Bidens.

Before leaving, Biden saluted the group with his right hand.

“Thanks for your service!” He shouted simultaneously.

The Bidens then left the memorial at around 11:37 am. 

On this Memorial Day, President Trump attended the annual wreath-laying at Arlington Cemetery and paid a visit to Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD. During the Memorial Day weekend, the President played golf at his golf club in Sterling, VA. So far, he refuses to wear a mask as seen by reporters and cameras. 

The stark difference between the two Presidential contenders in their response to the pandemic will play a role in how U.S. voters will vote come election night, November 3rd, 2020. 

Margaret Valenti

Margaret Valenti is the Editor of Generation Z Voice at The Pavlovic Today. 

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