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In Warren, Michigan, Joe Biden discusses how a Biden-Harris administration wants to ensure the ‘future is made in America — by America’s workers.’

The press plane landed at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport around 11:52 a.m. It is overcast here, just as it was in Delaware.

Mr. Biden remained on his plane for a little while upon landing, and eventually disembarked around 12:25 p.m. He wore a mask — a different one from when he got on the plane.

Mr. Biden waved to the pool but did not come over to speak to us, despite a valiant effort by the TV pooler to shout at him on the loud tarmac about Bob Woodward’s book.

The motorcade was rolling at 12:27 p.m.

The motorcade arrived at the UAW Region 1 headquarters in Warren, Mich., around 1:04 p.m.

Onlookers were seen occasionally along Van Dyke Avenue on the way here. A group of Trump supporters, with flags and signs, were visible as the motorcade arrived. The pool was led directly to the event site and did not witness Mr. Biden’s arrival.

The event is being held outdoors in a parking lot. A giant American flag is serving as a backdrop, along with six strategically positioned automobiles. The white circles from Mr. Biden’s typical Delaware-area events have reappeared here, spread out in the parking lot for members of the news media and a small number of other attendees.

Brian Rothenberg, a spokesman for the United Auto Workers, sends the following note: “UAW President Rory Gamble had planned to greet Vice President Biden. But unfortunately he went into a precautionary quarantine last night as a family member had symptoms and they took Covid tests. So out of caution and following protocols we have put in place for UAW members and staff he will not be able to attend today’s event for that reason. Secretary Treasurer Ray Curry will step in today in Rory’s place.”

An announcement before the program asked attendees to “please remain in your circles and keep your mask on for the duration of the event.”

BACKGROUND: Joe Biden Will Build Back Better, Donald Trump has Broken His Promises to Warren 

Today, Joe Biden will give remarks about his Buy America policy to prevent offshoring. In 2016, Donald Trump stood in Warren, MI (in Macomb County) and promised Michiganders, “if I’m elected, you won’t lose one plant.” Since then, Michigan has been decimated by the president’s failed leadership, with an unemployment rate that has doubled since March, a manufacturing industryshedding jobs — including a decline in motor vehicle manufacturing jobs, and plants shuttered across the state. That includes a plant that was shutdown in Warren that only opened again to produce medical face masks during COVID. After Trump’s nearly 12 point win in 2016, Governor Whitmer won Macomb by 3 points, swinging the county by 15 points despite an opponent who, “tied himself to the president throughout the campaign.”

 Biden’s record on auto manufacturing: Vice President Biden is committed to Michigan workers and the auto industry. Biden has time and again stood on the side of the critical Michigan industry, including helping to save more than 1 million jobs from being lost while he played a critical role in the Obama administration’s auto rescue. Biden is now offering a plan to create 1 million new auto manufacturing jobs. He has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO and the UAW. 

Auto Industry in Michigan: Autoworkers and the auto industry are a critical part of Michigan’s economy. As MLive reports, “Michigan is home to one of five U.S. auto-manufacturing jobs. In fact, Wayne County alone has more auto-manufacturing jobs than any state except Kentucky, according to the most recent data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.” [MLive, 1/18/18]

The speaking program began around 1:42 p.m., and Mr. Biden came out around 1:49 p.m. He took his mask off when he got to the lectern. He spoke under overcast skies, with temperatures in the 60s.

A sign that said “Buy American” was affixed to the lectern, and a pair of teleprompters were set up to his left and right.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, a national co-chair of the Biden campaign, had a prime seat close to Mr. Biden. Senator Debbie Stabenow, Democrat of Michigan, was also in attendance.

The six automobiles that helped provide the backdrop for Mr. Biden’s speech were a Ram 1500 TRX, a Ford F-150 XLT, a Chevrolet Bolt EV, a Ford F-150 Raptor, a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD and a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

Mr. Biden finished speaking around 2:17 p.m. He put his mask on when he finished, and walked off. He stopped to look in the window of the Ford F-150 Raptor on his way out.

The pool is holding at the event site.

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