Job automation

Job automation robs people of the opportunities where they can apply creativity and make an impact in society.

Job automation is quite the controversial issue and it often scares people out of their wits. With increasingly innovative technology, there always exists the risk of losing your job, but keep in mind that technology can never surpass the brilliance of the human mind.

According to, 47% of American jobs are estimated to become obsolete by the year 2033, due to new technological improvements. As a result, the world needs uniqueness and creativity now more than ever before, and it is your duty to figure out how you will utilize your intelligence to become a member of society, irreplaceable by a mere machine.

Your curious mind cannot be replicated by technology

Accompanied by your intelligence should be an intense curiosity as curiosity is the spark within humans that brings about revolutionary changes.

A machine is only capable of doing what it is told, while humans have the exceptional ability to go above and beyond expectations, given that they have considerable curiosity.

No matter how much machines are innovated to imitate human attributes, the fact remains that they are inferior in comparison to humans themselves. Even the brightest minds of today like Mark Zuckerberg are unparalleled by machines and robots.

Zuckerberg, one of many individuals to test the potential of technology, developed a robot to assist with daily routine tasks. However, the robot cannot, by any means, compete with the exceptional brilliance and curiosity that led Zuckerberg to establish the large business empire today known as Facebook.

Furthermore, you may assume that job automation promotes efficiency but this is not necessarily true, especially since job automation robs people of the opportunities where they can apply creativity and make impact in society.

Whether job automation impacts your life or not, learn to embrace curiosity and use it wherever you go.The next time you make a decision at your workplace, think about its long-term implications or perhaps what would happen had you made a slightly different decision. Learn to question the world rather than to abide by its confining rules. For those entering the workplace, know that the world is for you to discover and those to approach life’s decisions with a curious mind, are highly valued and no member of society is foolish enough to abandon such value.

Critical-thinking should guide your actions

You truly become irreplaceable when you reject the conventional approach to doing things, and begin to think outside the box. As a matter of fact, one of the 10 skills that employers demand from their employees is being able to think critically when making decisions. A machine is never capable of exhibiting this human skill, implying that you are valuable if you become a critical thinker.

Critical thinking is being able to recognize that everything can be done better and innovatively, and performing such that your solutions to problems are not what others would readily come up with.

Any person can memorize theories and regurgitate them on exams, but you should strive to apply your knowledge to the real-world and add value to yourself by offering a new perspective. Instead of systematically following rules and guidelines when given something to do, attempt to do things differently.

Job automation affects only those individuals who fail to change their ways, and continue to do repetitive tasks without demonstrating innovation.

The workforce of today is constantly evolving and facing changes depending on the society and business needs, but those who exhibit exceptional critical thinking and curiosity towards the world will remain forever in demand. Your ultimate goal is to be valuable to society and once you accomplish this, job automation is no threat to your existence.

Basit Ali is a student at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto. Over the years, he has developed an exceptional interest in current business issues occurring on a global scale. As a commerce student,...

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