First Lady headlined the Mark Kelly fundraiser tonight at the home of Mike Michelson, who owns a stake in the Philadelphia Eagles. Around thirty guests gathered at a beautiful stone home with massive floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a manicured green lawn.

During the speaking program outside on a patio, Kelly’s wife, Gabby Giffords, made a few short remarks.

“This election is so important. … Mark has served our country in so many ways. We need him in the Senate. … We can’t do it alone,” she said.

Senator Mark Kelly talked about his military service. He noted Gabby asked him out first about a year after they met.

“That’s not true,” quipped Jill Biden.

“Our first date was the Florence state prison,” Kelly confirmed.
“Gas chamber,” Giffords added.

“We went to death row on our first date so it’s been uphill from there,” Kelly clarified.

He talked about legislation he has helped pass in Congress and expressed confidence he will beat Blake Masters.

“We’re going to beat him,” said Kelly. “I think this election is gonna surprise a lot of folks out there especially people that write and report on elections. I think there’s gonna be a surprise and I think it’s gonna, you know, favor us. I feel really good.”

He said that he built this campaign to win. “Now it’s just about turning people out. But thank you for all of you being here today because running an operation to win a Senate seat in any state, it can be a little bit of a heavy lift, and it takes resources. So thank you for being part of that team that’s going to help us get across the finish line.”

Kelly introduced Jill Biden, noting she welcomed his brother home from space on his last mission, waiting until 3 am and then flying home to teach the next day at 8 am. He also noted Biden is the sponsor of the USS Gabrielle Giffords.

Jill Biden thanked the hosts and complemented their home. “I may not leave,” she said.” This is so beautiful.”

She noted she is headed to Houston next, where Game Six is taking place.She also repeated the story about her first date with President Biden and that she was glad she voted for him.

Jill Biden attacked Republicans as extremists. “When extremists go after the rights that most Americans support like a woman’s right to choose or where they stand in the way of affordable prescriptions or clean energy – really they’re letting down all Americans.”

She repeated the story about her high school friend’s struggle to get an abortion pre-Roe v Wade and how she helped with the recovery.

“I was shocked when the Dobbs decision came out. It was devastating. I felt like how could we go back to those times? And Mark knows, Mark knows we can’t go back,” said the First Lady.

Speaking more of the Republicans, she said, “They’re making it harder to vote, which is so unbelievable and I’ve been to so many states now where that really is a problem.”


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