Jill Biden and Hillary Clinton headlined a Zoom fundraiser for the Biden campaign, claiming his victory in the 2020 Presidential election is necessary for “the soul of this nation”. Jasmine Razeghi writes on the efforts of the women to elect Joe Biden in November.

Thursday, June 4th, Dr. Jill Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were headliners in a Zoom fundraiser for Joe Biden’s campaign, an event hosted by Missouri Democrats and businesspeople. The online event featured a discussion of the current state of the nation in addition to why Joe Biden is necessary to restore “the soul of this nation”. According to Joyce Aboussie, a St. Louis businesswoman, democratic activist, and the Zoom moderator, the event raised $750,000.

Dr. Biden acknowledged how much changed since the arrangement of this Zoom event. Since they organized the event, there were over 100,000 COVID-19 related deaths. She also noted that “in just 2 and a half months, the more than 40 million Americans who filed for unemployment since the pandemic began, and the horrific killing of George Floyd.” 

Jill Biden: We are a nation in pain 

In reference to an earlier message from Joe Biden this week, Jill Biden said, “we are a nation in pain… but we must not allow this pain to destroy us.” She proceeded to praise Clinton for her support of the Biden campaign while also acknowledging her service to the United States.

Clinton called on the Zoom participants to donate money to and get involved with the Biden campaign, an essential step in order for Biden to win in November. After praising Joe Biden for his service to the country and Jill Biden for the work she does as an educator, the former Secretary of State said, “it’s going to take every one of us to heal this nation, to repair the damage that has been done, and is being done unfortunately every single day.” This call for team effort in order to win the election ties to her call for everyone “to stand up for American values.”

On The Importance Of Voting

Both women discussed the importance of voting. Clinton slammed the President and the GOP when she stated, “Trump and the Republicans will do everything they can to prevent people from voting. That’s why they are against voting by mail. That’s why they passed these ridiculous laws to try to limit the electorate.”

 In conveying her support for mail-in voting, Clinton recognized how essential it is to push for mail-in voting as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens voter turnout when in-person voting is the only option. Dr. Biden added that American voters must ensure that their votes count. She also mentioned the Biden campaign’s recent launch of “League 46”, an initiative to encourage young individuals to become a part of the campaign process.

In response to a caller concerned about people not wearing masks when in public spaces, Clinton criticized Trump’s refusal to wear one, “He’s such an insecure man, he thinks it will make him less than he believes he is,’’ Clinton stated. She then praised Dr. Biden and Joe Biden for wearing masks on Memorial Day.

Dr. Biden believes that mental health will become a priority in the United States. She praised Joe for being “someone with empathy who can heal this nation.” Dr. Biden called on Americans to become leaders and take back the country. “We have to change who’s in the White House because leadership is the all-important thing that matters…we cannot bear 4 more years of Donald Trump.” 

The Biden Campaign’s fundraising event was not only a success in raising money but raising awareness on issues that matter most when it comes to the November election.

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