Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, the world’s most powerful celebrity according to Forbes, is not just a successful entertainer but also an entrepreneur. Find out what her key to success is.

1. Remain Authentic

“It’s about who you are,”  says Jennifer Lopez.  Authencity, within her brand and within her actions, is the most important to her. What is real to her becomes her brand. She aims to create something of quality that makes a difference in the marketplace. Rather than constantly trying to create something that might please people, she makes something that has an emotion and passion and is different than what others are doing in that area. She does what is right for her.

2. Work hard 

“Hard work”, Jennifer Lopez says, “is the biggest key to success”. She’s often up to the earliest and out the latest. She has worked tirelessly to develop herself into an entrepreneur .“It’s hard, it’s a juggling act,” she says when asked how she manages to be a single mom along with a successful entrepreneur.

3. Build synergetic partnerships

Jennifer Lopez has been a firm believer in good partnerships. When deciding on the new business partners, Lopez looks for the right chemistry. She’s a good businesswoman because she knows what she’s good at and what she’s not good at. Her partners bring to the table what she can’t. Together, they figure out what the new thing is, what the next groundbreaking thing is, what fits her brand and how they can create something that’s good for everyone.

4. Be bold and think outside the box

Jennifer Lopez is not scared to think outside the box and take risks. She does what most people might think is risky Lopez has remained creative throughout her career, something that has greatly attributed to her success.

5. Connect to your audience like Jennifer Lopez does

Jennifer Lopez aims to empower and inspire. Realizing that she’s gained a voice that can reach millions, she began using that voice to continually inspire her 100 million people fanbase. One way she does this is through social media. She often scrolls through her feed and sees what a fan might be going through. She’d indirectly post “keep your head high” if she sees a fan having a tough day. She says that social media has allowed her to “get an instant response.” It’s a way to validate how she’s doing and how her products are perceived by her target audience. “When used the right way,” she says, “social media can help you reach tons of people and they support you through many different types of movements.”

6. Don’t let unfavorable circumstances become a barrier for success

Jennifer did not grow up in the best of conditions. She struggled. She followed her dreams and did what her heart desired. The one thing she never forgot was to remain true to herself while working hard, taking risks and thinking outside the box. Lopez remembers those who helped her become who she is today. She never forgets to thank her team and partners stressing that collaboration is an essential component to her success.

Like Jennifer Lopez, don’t let unfavorable circumstances become a barrier. Instead, find a way to make them a strength and use it to relate to people and develop your brand.

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