On Tuesday morning, a report was released confirming the allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on his sexual conduct and misbehavior towards female workers. The report finds he has sexually harassed and groped multiple women during his time as Governor. The President will speak his thoughts later in the day, but Jen Psaki confirmed the President believes the strong women who came forward and wishes them the best. 

Psaki also gave a statement on behalf of her, the President, and Vice President, “The White House’s message, the President’s message, the Vice President’s message, my message, is all women who have lived through this type of experience, whether it is harassment or abuse or in the worst case, assault, deserve to have their voices heard, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.” 

The President or anyone in the administration has not been in contact with the Governor’s office, but it is clear he denounces his actions and will put out a statement in support of the women soon. 

Federal Covid Passport

New York state has announced they will be requiring proof of vaccination for indoor places such as restaurants, gyms, and entertainment venues. 

Psaki stated that individual states have the liberty to incentivize and regulate their requirements as they wish, but the federal government will not be getting involved in requiring proof of vaccination.

“We are not issuing vaccine passports from the federal government, but we do know that private sector entities and other localities will make their own decisions,” she said. “What we see as our objective is to continue to make the vaccine as accessible and available and close the disparities that we see among racial groups, including in New York, to ensure that this is not a barrier for entry based on socioeconomic status.”

The White House, however, is in close contact with many states who have banned a mask requirement and are not properly following the CDC guidelines in an attempt to give them the resources necessary to help with their rising Covid cases and hospitalization rates, such as Florida and Texas. 

States Must Assist Those Facing Evictions

The White House is working towards helping Americans who are facing housing insecurities and evictions by advocating to extend the deadline due to the pandemic and other financial constraints. However, Psaki confirmed the President will probably not use his Constitutional power to reconvene Congress and solve the issue.

Instead, he has directed the CDC to find a temporary solution for those facing evictions due to the pandemic. Another thing he has promoted is for individual states to get their money out to extend eviction moratorium. “There is enough money out there for states across the country to extend the eviction moratorium from a state level, even without federal action.” 

Texas has provided over $300 million in rental and utility assistance in June. Virginia has provided the second highest assistance amount and has also participated in outreach phone calls for those with unfinished applications. Illinois also provided $95 million in rental and utility assistance for its residents. 

The administration is encouraging other states to use their money to extend the eviction moratorium and provide assistance to those facing eviction and financial hardship during this time before the federal government gets involved. 

Anoosha Murtaza is a Gen Z Voice at the Pavlovic Today and a rising third-year student at the University of Virginia. Anoosha has a passion for good journalism, strong political views, and social justice. 

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