First Lady Jill Biden and Mrs. Yuko Kishida, spouse of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, participated in a tree planting ceremony on the White House South Grounds on Monday. The event symbolized the friendship between the two nations.

Biden welcomed Mrs. Kishida, who wore a sakura-colored suit, commemorating the sakura cherry blossom tree planting. They both used golden shovels to plant the tree and posed for photographs before departing without taking any questions.

Who is Yuko Kishida?

Kishida Yuko was born in Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture in 1964. After graduating from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University in 1987, she joined Mazda Motor Corporation. In 1988, she married Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, and they have three sons. Mrs. Kishida has shared stories about her life with the Prime Minister in the past, including their first date at the MAHARAJA disco in Tokyo.

Why is Yuko Kishida visiting the White House alone today?

Kishida is visiting the White House at the invitation of Jill Biden, who is hosting her as a guest of honor. Her visit was proposed by Biden after she was unable to meet with Kishida during Prime Minister Kishida’s visit to the White House in January. This is the first time the spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan has made a solo trip to the United States at the invitation of the First Lady.

Kishida’s schedule

After arriving in Washington, DC from Tokyo, Japan, Mrs. Kishida visited the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the National Museum of Asian Art.

Today, she will visit Howard University to meet with students who participated in the KAKEHASHI Project, a government-funded grassroots exchange program.

Kishida will leave Washington, DC tomorrow on Tuesday, the 18th.


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