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PM Trudeau has set a very high example for the entire world by working with President Trump to create the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs, on which Ivanka Trump has also been very much involved.

By putting aside his personal and political differences and working with Trump for this initiative, Trudeau has once again asserted his dedication to the cause of gender equality and feminism.

Trudeau has been a long-time supporter of women’s rights and a proud feminist. Ivanka, similarly, has been keeping women’s rights relevant on Trump’s platform through much of his campaign. Ivanka advocated for women’s rights thoroughly through her father’s campaign, even to the extent that her father adopted a policy to ensure paid maternity leave for working women, a policy very much on the Democratic side of politics. She has continued to lobby for and publicly support feminist movements and appears to be taking on a similar role under her father’s administration, as evident through her involvement with the new council for women entrepreneurs.

So is banning Ivanka Trump’s products from department stores really a progressive movement? Or is it both demeaning the work of a strong-willed and successful female entrepreneur, and further antagonizing the Republican administration, a movement that continues to further divide American society?

America has prided itself for decades on its unity and strength as a nation; it has now become a nation plagued by an internal conflict that destabilizes its national and international standing.

Whether or not you like Trump, he is the president of the United States, he may be far from the ideal candidate, but continuing to take up deconstructive forms of action to antagonize and demonize him only worsens the situation. Especially when these forms of action are targeted at his daughter Ivanka, a successful female entrepreneur who has great potential with regards to helping keep women’s rights issues on the political agenda under her father’s administrations.

Trudeau himself has criticized Trump in the past, but he understands and focuses on what truly matters – the rights and advancement of his country and his people.

The Canadian PM has managed to put aside personal and political differences to work with Trump to help create a more just and equitable world. By doing so, Trudeau has re-asserted his support for the feminist movement and showed that it is not just a publicity fad, but rather a dedication to fighting for equal rights among genders.

Trudeau’s meeting with Trump serves a great purpose, alongside that of progressing the movement towards gender equality – it is a demonstration of world leaders overcoming differences in an attempt to create some degree of positive change.

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