John Healey, Labour MP and Shadow Defense Secretary, told Sky News that the West is doing “much of what Ukraine is asking for” regarding financial and military support.

Talking to Sky News, Healey said that Germany’s recent decision to send 14 Leopards and two tanks to Ukraine “allows other countries to move together to support Ukraine against Russian aggression.”

Speaking of the UK support for Ukraine, Healy said that what is most important is that the artillery, armored vehicles and ammunition were all “part of a big package that Britain committed in recent weeks, the first of 2023.”

According to Healey, the West is approaching this crisis similarly by aiding Ukraine financially and militarily. Earlier this week, President Biden announced he would send 31 M-1 Abrams tanks to Ukrainians.

He stated that President Putin miscalculated the West’s “determination and resolution to stand together against the brutal and illegal invasion of Ukraine.”

When asked what more support the UK could offer to the people and president of Ukraine, Healy replied that Britain “doesn’t have any of the F-16 fighters.”

Healey described that the UK now puts parts of the military procurement system on a wartime footing, allowing the government to provide ammunition and supplies to Ukraine while replenishing the UK’s armed forces stocks.


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