LONDON—Boris Johnson has made an announcement stating that he plans to offer complete and unedited WhatsApp messages, starting from May 2021, to the Covid inquiry.

This decision comes after the UK Government’s legal challenge to the inquiry’s initial request for all messages from the 2020 pandemic period. The government’s argument is centered around the notion that certain materials, such as personal and private conversations between colleagues, should be deemed irrelevant to the inquiry. Johnson affirmed his willingness to provide all the information requested, including his WhatsApp messages and notebooks from the Covid period.

However, the process of fulfilling this commitment is not without complications. Johnson no longer possesses his notebooks, as he had previously handed them over to the government. As a result, he intends to request that the government either directly provide those notebooks to the inquiry or return them to him so he can submit them accordingly.

Furthermore, the vital WhatsApp messages preceding May 2021 are stored on an old phone that security services advised Johnson to turn off permanently and refrain from using further after its number was leaked online. Johnson has sought assistance from the government in securely reactivating the phone and retrieving those messages. Despite these recent developments, there is no guarantee that the inquiry will immediately receive all the information it has requested.


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