Aroma oils

Luxurious, pure aroma oils can help improve your overall health and well-being.

Recently, I have discovered a new must-have, pure essential oils. They’re sold by at-Aroma, a Japanese company recently launched worldwide, with offices in California, Germany, and China.

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What was fabulous about this 100 % pure scents was that I was able to create my own aroma made from a selection of my favorite 12 kinds of essential oils.

Stressful workplace conditions can have a large impact on our well-being, but with the pure essential oils, our daily environment can be induced by joyful and calming scents.

The importance of a fragrance is the emotion it evokes, and at-aroma fragrances helped me create the scent that was both calming and inspiring for my living and work environment.

In a very short time, I have realized that human beings’ ability to intake scents (if harnessed to its full potential), can bring about astonishing results, including improved overall health and wellness.

The CEO of at-Aroma, Satoshi Kataoka, told me that the beauty of scents is “the feelings that they trigger in us”. Specifically, the olfactory bulb is closely connected to the amygdala and hippocampus in our brain, which can affect memory, mood, and movement of the heart and lungs.

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However, the strongest olfactory responses only occur when pure essences are sensed, which is why at-Aroma utilizes natural,environmentally-friendly essential oils to meet our individual needs.

Companies like Best Western, Gold’s Gym, MGM Grand, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota, have been using at-Aroma to develop their own aromas for their own ambiance.

It is clear that the best way to develop an inspiring and intriguing working and living space is through luxurious aromas.

You can come up with blends of twelve different oils, such as chamomile, white cypress, lavender, and rosemary before choosing a size and diffuser type. The process is simple, but the result is luxurious. Your own scent is one click away.

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