A growing number of Conservative MPs in the UK have lost trust in PM Boris Johnson.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, says that “Those who are still supporting Prime Minister Johnson are starting to sound like the hardcore Corbynites who, for all their love of their leader, could not see the negative feeling towards him outside their echo chambers.”

In his column for The Pavlovic Today, Bridgen says that 60% voter disapproval and 56% saying Prime Minister Johnson should resign, “represent a real danger to many Conservative MPs facing anti-Conservative sentiment engulfing their constituencies.”

MP Andrew Bridgen, Politics Across the Pond
MP Andrew Bridgen/Politics Across the Pond/The Pavlovic Today

Number 10 has been pushing a narrative for some time now that the move to remove PM Boris Johnson is “Remainer-inspired,” and that keeping the Prime Minister in power would safeguard Brexit.

“Let me be clear,” says Bridgen. “If we get the opportunity to move on from the leadership of Boris Johnson, the next Prime Minister will have to be an active Brexiteer.”

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