Former President Donald Trump’s legal team formally requested televised coverage of his upcoming election subversion trial scheduled for March in Washington, D.C., through a filing submitted to a federal court. The petition filed to a federal court comes despite existing rules barring the broadcast of federal proceedings and facing opposition from the Justice Department.

Given that the trial involves the former President and Presidential candidate for 2024, there is significant media interest in the broadcast. Wile media organizations and Trump often clash, in this case, they agree on the matter.

“President Trump absolutely agrees, and, in fact, demands that these proceedings should be fully televised,” attorneys for Trump said in a statement.

The attorneys argue that a televised trial would provide Trump the opportunity to address what he sees as injustices within the legal system, exposing the proceedings to public scrutiny.

At a campaign event in New Hampshire on Saturday, Trump reiterated his global visibility aspirations for the trial, stating, “I want everybody to see all of the horrible things that took place, all of the horrible charges… and let’s let the public decide because I want cameras in every inch of that courthouse.”

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