Follow these three tips to make sure you follow your resolutions and get the most out of 2018.
1. Say ‘yes’ to life
There are times when opportunities are presented to us, times that we have the chance to do or experience something new. In those times, our fear and uncertainty can get the best of us and we fall back to living a mundane life. While we’re all a little scared for the new things about to come, I hope you can promise yourself to say ‘yes’ to life and open yourself to new experiences. Not only will this allow you to gain new experiences and widen your horizons, you’ll be left feeling proud that you were fearless and will never have regrets.

2. Have a sleep schedule
Experts say that you adults need 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Getting enough sleep plays a vital role in maintaining our mental and physical health. Sleep deficiency can lead to slower decision-making and problem-solving processes while posing trouble in controlling emotions. Getting the right amount of sleep can help you maximize your productivity and give you the much-needed energy to accomplish your goals. So, make a promise to get your much-needed beauty sleep, or shall I say, productivity boost.

3. Cherish the little moments, celebrate the bigger ones
We often get so busy in hustling towards our goals, that we forget why we’re running after those goals in the first place. I hope you’re able to promise yourself that you’ll make time to cherish little moments, like finding time to read a book or having dinner with family. Don’t forget to remember to celebrate your accomplishments! When we finally accomplish something we’ve strived for, we treat it as a starting point for our next goal. While that’s the ideal mentality that fosters life-long growth, it’s always nice to take time to celebrate the win, maybe pop some champagne and enjoy your time with family, significant other or friends! This time will help you recharge for what’s to come.

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