An education leads a person toward the highest levels of success and accomplishment.

Whether it is formal or self-education, knowledge is being gained for the purpose that it will be utilized. The way in which you utilize your expertise will determine how valuable you are when it comes to problem-solving.

Simply using your degrees to provide mediocre solutions to societal issues is not something for which you would be extensively recognized, but rather it is the creativity that you exhibit by using your knowledge in ways different from the conventional methods.

Although it is not education that directly instills creativity in people, it provides a platform where creativity can be nurtured. The brightest minds, despite some of them withdrawing from formal education, have been in a learning environment before embarking upon creative endeavors.

For instance, Bill Gates did drop out of Harvard University in 1975, but this was after he spent quite some time discovering his passion for computers in a learning environment as prestigious as Harvard. For this reason, being at least partially educated correlates highly with possessing traits like creativity and leadership.

Education adds value to you

Even if the completion of a degree does not land you a job as is usually expected, education still played a crucial role in shaping your character and skills. The new experiences alongside the successes and failures are an integral part of the educational journey. Therefore, the value of an education should not be evaluated by the monetary benefits that it allows you to have; it should be appreciated most of all because it brought about improvements in you and helped you evolve as a person.

Education should be pursued with the prime objective of empowering yourself to be as much value to society as possible. The quality of your educational institution(s), as well as your degree(s), are some of many aspects that remain attached to your professional identity.  Pursuing good degrees is an excellent means by which you can elevate your personal development and career.

As rewarding as this may be, it is quite rare since a study conducted by the U.S Census Bureau in 2012 revealed that only 10.9% of the American population over the age of 25 hold graduate degrees. Such a statistic demonstrates that those individuals to actively pursue educational opportunities, are the true wealth of a nation.

It is not uncommon to envision success for yourself, but making no effort to turn this dream into reality is a misfortune. Educating yourself serves as a vital tool with which you can equip yourself with knowledge and go on to change the world for the better. Thus, embarking upon the educational journey is a solid stepping stone in the right direction.

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