Setting goals does not need to be stressful. Learn how to set your life on the path to success. What is your passion?

Knowing what you love to do and making time to do that is healthy for your emotional and mental well-being. It’s important to keep your passion in mind when deciding what goals you want to set for yourself. Because I enjoy writing, I often set a goal to write one piece a week about a certain topic. Doing what you’re passionate about will help you maintain a balanced life.

What is your destination?

When setting goals for the school year, you must always keep your end goal in mind. Considering that a 3.8+ is a competitive GPA for good medical schools, I make sure to take easier classes to boost my GPA since that’s my end goal. Knowing your destination gives you a clear idea about the goal you should be aiming for.

How well did you perform last year? The primary goal of setting goals for yourself is self-improvement. By looking back at your performance in the last year, you can set an attainable goal for yourself in the coming year. Whether it’s improving your GPA or becoming an executive member of a club or joining more clubs, looking at your past performance and improving upon that is the key to deciding what goals to set.

How to find time to achieve all your goals? Make sure you set goals that are attainable. It’s very easy to set unrealistic goals and be disappointed when you can’t achieve them in a given time frame. Make sure you plan out your week in advance and prioritize your commitments. Planning your week allows you to visualize everything you need to accomplish by the end of the week so you’re not rushing last minute. Apps like Todoist are great for managing your commitments in one place and help you keep track of your goals.

How not to procrastinate? Plan, plan, plan. Remember that a big part of not procrastinating is spreading out your goal over days or months. When you plan your weeks or months, a big goal can be broken down into smaller goals for success. Smaller goals can seem much less overwhelming to accomplish.

How not to tire yourself? It’s important to take breaks. Remember to watch that episode of Game of Thrones or read the book you’ve been meaning to read. Making time for relaxing is a great way to ensure you’re mentally healthy to hustle harder towards your goals.

How do you know you’re doing enough? I’ve always found a lot of people doubting whether they’re doing too little or too much. That’s always difficult to judge. There is no correct formula to decide whether you’re doing enough. If you’re giving your 100% to achieving your goals and still making time for yourself and your friends/family, you’re on the right track. If you have too much free time on your hands and find yourself scrolling through social media aimlessly all the time, it may be time to re-evaluate and set some more goals for yourself or find another activity to join. If you find yourself losing sleep or skipping meals to work harder, you’re doing too much and need to keep your health in check. Balance is important in all aspects of life.  

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