At 12:26 pm CST Hogan Gidley addressed the crowd and introduced the First Lady, Melania Trump. 

On Biden’s/Democratic Party policies: “Can’t run this country on gumdrops, rainbows, and unicorn hair. It’s a fantasy….”

Emphasized the shortcomings of a party that is trying to push a candidate who has been in politics for 47 years. 

Gidley recounts the first time he met FLOTUS and proceeded to deliver some quotes that elicit an energetic response from the audience.

“Every interaction I have had with her since. It is so clear. Melania Trump is truly one of the most kind, compassionate, caring person I know….. The press also relentlessly attacks the First Lady.” But rather than focusing on the press’ nastiness, she focuses on her work for the next generation. “And always tells her husband exactly what she thinks. I’ve been there, and I’ve seen it.”

Gidley: Ya’ll. America is just better off with Melania Trump in the White House.

First Lady entered the stage at 1:39 pm CST to Tom Jones’  “She’s a Lady” 

To a crowd of about 250, FLOTUS began speaking at 1:40 pm CST to chants from the crowd of “WE LOVE YOU.”

FLOTUS wished the crowd Happy Halloween and celebrated good news out of Africa in a successful rescue mission.

This is her second solo campaign event on the trail for the re-election campaign.

The crowd was interactive and enthusiastic. 

FLOTUS concluded her remarks at 12:59 pm CST. 



Thank you Hogan!
Hello, Wisconsin! Good afternoon, West Bend! 
Thank you for the warm welcome. And Happy Halloween!

I want to start by sharing some important news. Early this morning, our U.S. forces conducted a successful rescue operation in West Africa. The American citizen in question is now safe. 

The President and I are especially grateful to the incredible warriors who led this operation and to the support of our international partners. Our military has never been stronger and our administration is fully committed to protecting the American people and supporting our men and women in uniform. 

I’m excited to be with all of you here today in beautiful Wisconsin.

For families participating in Halloween festivities this year, I encourage you to visit the CDC website to read the latest safety guidelines. 
As we approach the holiday season, we must all do our part to ensure we practice responsible, safe behaviors. 
The upcoming holiday season is a time of family and togetherness.  Yet, COVID-19 has brought feelings of loneliness and uncertainty for the future. 
You are not alone.  We started this challenging journey together and we will not stop working until we have found a vaccine or effective treatment for everyone. 
COVID-19 is NOT a partisan issue.  In a time when unity and leadership is vital, the democrats want to project feelings of fear and doubt, purely for political reasons. 
Shame on anyone who casts doubt on the potential effectiveness of a vaccine just because it would come under my husband’s leadership.  The success of a vaccine will save millions of lives and we should all work towards that together as one nation.  
This Administration has worked tirelessly to support families and people struggling financially during this pandemic while Democrats in Congress refuse to sign another stimulus package. 
Such selfish, politically corrupt decisions are what separate the swamp politicians from President Trump and his Administration. 
We are not the politicians who have worked in Washington for far too long.  My husband is here to make a difference for you and your families. He has done so much already – imagine what he’ll get done in four more years!!
Joe Biden said this will be a dark winter. That is not the statement of a leader. He wants to make us hide in fear in our basements rather than work bravely within our communities to find lasting solutions. His solution is to move backwards and to shut things down.  
When my husband talks about the future, it is filled with continued possibility and forward thinking. 
This Administration chooses to keep moving forward during this pandemic, not backward. By moving forward, we demonstrate a fundamental value of our nation, our ability to rise to any challenge and overcome any hurdle.  It’s what sets us apart from any other country in the world. 
We have made great progress in our fight against COVID-19.  This virus is one that has impacted every country around the globe.  When COVID-19 invaded our country, we first had to learn what it was, how it spreads, and how to prevent it. 
Instead of unifying our country and coming together in this time of need, the media and the democrats together – chose to attack the Administration.
It was Joe Biden who accused President Trump of “Xenophobic hysteria” for putting the American people first and closing travel from China and parts of Europe. Now they are saying we didn’t do enough.
Our actions say otherwise. President Trump isn’t a career politician like both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  He is a President with proven results, not empty words and broken promises.
I watched Donald continue to work hard to keep people informed and calm, to protect our economy, and make hard and unpopular decisions to do all he could to keep us all safe.
Look at what we have overcome together.  Look at the progress we’ve made to ensure our children continue to grow up in the safest and most prosperous nation.
We now have careful safety measures in place in every city and state. These safety measures allow our children to get back in the classroom.  Our careful guidelines are not only keeping people safe, but allowing restaurants and businesses to reopen and people to start earning an income again.  This President is focused on not just destroying the virus, but creating ways for people to safely start gathering with friends again.  This is about mental health as much as it is about the physical well-being of people.    
And while this year has been an unbelievable challenge for us all, it has also showcased our American strength and spirit.  It is in times like these that we will look back and tell our grandchildren that through kindness and compassion, strength and determination, we were able to restore the promise of our future. 
I want to take this moment to say thank you to the many amazing frontline workers who are with us today.  Thank you for ALL that you are doing.  Our Administration is behind you 100 percent and we will continue to make sure the country is equipped with all the medical supplies needed, and focus on getting a vaccine developed and distributed as safely and quickly as possible.  I believe in our incredible doctors, nurses, medical professionals and scientists, and I believe we will overcome this invisible enemy. 
After my husband became President, it was so disheartening to see the once-proud integrity of American journalism become a political propaganda tool of swamp politicians.
For the last four years, the media has relentlessly attacked my husband. choosing gossip and anonymous sources over substance and the success of our nation. The media created a distorted picture of my husband and treated all his supporters with equal disdain. They continue to do so today – even though they’ve all benefited from his strong economy, national security and safer borders. 
The media’s promotion and use of divisive language has led to open disdain and hostility towards voters like you and me.  “Deplorables”, they called us. People, including our youth, have been harassed for wearing Trump apparel.  Members of our staff have been thrown out of restaurants for serving their country. Many members of our staff receiving threatening mail at their home addresses – this is the tolerant left. And now, as the high-stakes of this election become clear, big tech companies have started politically censoring us.
While the President has been working hard for you, the democrats, supported by their partners in the media, have wasted American time and tax-payer dollars on the Russian hoax, then the sham impeachment. When will it stop? 
Think about this: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the democrats and the media have spent almost the same amount of time and energy attempting to impeach my husband as we have spent fighting COVID-19.  
Yet Joe Biden says he could do a better job leading our great nation. Apparently, when you hide in a basement, you feel safe communicating your wishful thinking. 
I think its obvious to the American people that after Joe Biden’s decades in congress and eight years in the White House, he got nothing done. Why will this time be any different?
Meanwhile, here is what our Nation has seen in three and a half years of President Trump:
We have won wars and we have stayed out of new conflicts.  We have killed two of the world’s top terrorists. We have made historic peace deals in the Middle East.   Our allies are now doing their fair share globally.   Our economy soared and unemployment shrunk.  We continue to support our military and law enforcement 100%.  We have more opportunities in our workforce for women –especially working mothers.  Our nation is respected again and our national security is stronger than ever. 
We are a country of HOPE, not a country of fear or weakness. 
We live in the greatest country in the world and we are set apart by our fundamental values.  We believe in law and order.  We believe everyone deserves justice. We support all our men and women in uniform. We will not defund our hard working police. We will make sure they are better trained than ever in order to keep our communities safe.
We cling to our respective faiths and we never underestimate the importance of family.  We have an unending love for our country. 
These are the pillars that our children should see reflected in our leaders. The democrats, with help from the media, have worked tirelessly to all but destroy faith in our traditional values. 
Our children deserve to grow up in the best world possible.  That starts with the best education and school choice.  It is our duty as adults to equip our children with the best tools to succeed and live the American dream. It should be up to parents to choose the path that is best for their family. The freedom to pick how we want to raise our own children -and how we educate them- is an American citizen’s right, not the government’s choice. 
It has been a great privilege to serve as the First Lady of the United States.  I have focused my time on helping children through my initiative BE BEST.  Over the last three and half years I have heard so many inspiring stories from people.  all over the world. Children who showed kindness to others when they needed it most.  Mothers who have overcome drug addiction.  Nurses and doctors who save children every day through the amazing advancements in medicine.  These are the stories that deserve to be shared.  
It is love and optimism, not fear and lawlessness that keeps America great. 
On Tuesday, the direction our country will take is in your hands.  I ask that you join us in continuing to put America first.  Together – we will continue building the brightest future for generations to come. Let us continue making America great again.
We’ve had three and a half years of winning.  Let’s have four more, Wisconsin. 
Thank you and God Bless you and your families and God Bless the United States of America.

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