Hogan Gidley, the White House Deputy Press Secretary makes a statement on the House national emergency vote.

Hogan Gidley sends the following statement along :

“Today, Congressional Democrats attempted to block the President’s National Emergency Declaration – they failed. Democrats continue to ignore the reality that our porous southern border is a magnet for illegal immigration, child smugglers, human traffickers, drug cartels, gangs and many other criminals. This national security and humanitarian crisis endangers every American and cannot be described as anything other than a National Emergency.

Congress has repeatedly refused to address this dangerous situation, but President Donald J. Trump has acted. He is building the Wall and strengthening security at the border because the American people deserve protection from threats coming into our Country. Walls work – just ask grieving Angel Parents, brave law enforcement professionals and Border Patrol agents. Today’s vote reaffirms Democrats are the party of open borders, drugs and crime.”

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