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This is no time for inaction.There is no such thing as neutrality. It is the patriotic duty of every American to oppose Donald Trump, says Aaron Weinstein

It is the patriotic duty of every American to oppose Donald Trump, says Aaron Weinstein 


Trump is a bigot.  He ridicules the disabled.  He is a race-baiter who glibly suggests that non-White, non-Christian judges are unfit to rule in a civil case against him.  He freely threatens basic civil liberties.  He will say anything to be elected, and if elected would do anything to retain control.

He is the kind of demagogue that the Founding generation feared could one day attain power in a democracy.

And the terrifying truth is that Donald Trump is one bad day in November away from the presidency.

There is only one way to stop him, and many people aren’t going to like it.

We are raised to believe that our votes are sacred.  We are told voting is a personal choice, and that no one has a right to tell us how to vote.

I agree.  But not this year.

We do not live in the world of our dreams; we live in the real world, and the United States is (for better and worse) a two party system.  Our election laws virtually preclude the possibility of a viable third party.  It is not necessarily right.  Perhaps it ought to change.

As a nation we should have that discussion.  But not now.

Any American not willing to live under a President Trump must vote for Hillary Clinton.


This year, any American not willing to live under a President Trump must vote for Hillary Clinton.

They cannot vote for Gary Johnson.  They cannot write in Bernie Sanders.  They absolutely cannot stay home in some delusional belief that they have taken the moral high ground—that they have valiantly refused to pick the “lesser of two evils.”

Each of those votes counts the same way: Donald Trump.  Donald Trump.  Donald Trump.

I understand revulsion with the current system.  I get that many Americans have negative opinions of Hillary Clinton.  Some even hate her.

I get it: Hillary Clinton is not a perfect candidate.  She is too hawkish for some.  She is too close to Wall Street for others.  She has a penchant for secrecy, perhaps beyond what seems rational (though, I’d hazard, you would as well if subjected to the blistering personal attacks to which she has become accustomed).

Hillary Clinton is all that stands between Donald Trump and the Oval Office.

And still the undeniable, irrefutable truth remains unchanged: Hillary Clinton is all that stands between Donald Trump and the Oval Office.

Right now we are on the brink of national catastrophe.  We are threatened by a single man and the people desperate enough to give him power.


I am reminded of another time that a fascist, xenophobic strongman threatened global peace, and what a great American said in response.

Describing the Lend Lease Act—itself an attempt to inch a reluctant America to Europe’s aid—Franklin D. Roosevelt said that when your neighbor’s house is on fire you don’t quibble over the price of your hose.

This is no time for inaction.  There is no such thing as neutrality.  The house is on fire.  You want to put it out?  Lend Clinton the presidency for a term.

We don’t have time to hem and haw.  Don’t like her?  You can vote against her in four years.

But for God’s sake, don’t let our house burn down.

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Aaron Weinstein

Aaron Q. Weinstein, Ph.D. is a researcher at Brown University. He specializes in American political thought, religion and politics, and the Constitution as symbol

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