Hillary still isn’t over her loss from the presidential election. 

The former Democrat candidate delivered an ominous commencement speech at Wellesley, with additions of anti-Trump jabs, comparisons of Trump to former President Nixon, and radiating a vibe proving to everyone in the audience that she still isn’t over her loss from the presidential election.

A Dissection of Hillary Clinton’s Speech
Hillary Rodham ’69 at a panel featuring candidates for Wellesley College Government President.
Hillary Rodham ’69 at a panel featuring candidates for Wellesley College Government President. /Photo Credit: Wellesley College Archives

Hillary Clinton, a Wellesley graduate herself, delivered her second commencement speech at Wellesley College 48 years later on May 26, 2017. Her speech began with addressing her gratefulness of being back at the College, as well as a couple of jokes to lighten the mood such as stating “we’ll blame allergy instead of emotion” after having a coughing fit on stage. Her speech was then guided by reminding the crowd that they dreamed big during their four years much like herself when she was in their place.

Up until this point, Clinton’s speech was nothing out of the ordinary; it was a typical college speech that most would expect. However, her speech suddenly took a dark turn after making a moody remark at former President Nixon, stating how he was a man “whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice after firing the person running the investigation into him at the Department of Justice.”

The mostly left-winged audience was notably unfazed by this misleading remark, seen by their roaring cheers to Clinton.

Clinton clearly forgot her History lessons that day, because, for one, Nixon resigned from office before he was impeached, which was something that Clinton failed to mention.In fact, it seemed as if she almost forgotten that her husband Bill was impeached!

There also seemed to be an indirect comparison between him and President Trump, as Trump fired the FBI director while Nixon’s team was under FBI investigation.

Clinton’s remainder of her speech continues with more severe jabs at Trump, reminding the audience that they are “graduating at a time when there is a full-fledged assault on truth and reason.”

Ironically, she stretches the truth in her speech through misleading claims about Trump, such as how he drove “rampant fear about undocumented immigrants” even though he clearly stated that undocumented immigrants with a criminal offence would be removed.

Her continuous blows on Trump lying to the public was simply unwarranted considering how she is no angel herself, with her email controversy.

What Clinton failed to realize during her speech is that there may have very well been individuals in the graduating class of 2017 who have voted for Trump; her aggressive anti-Trump criticisms were embarrassing and uncalled for.

The graduating class and their families came to enjoy their special day; they did not come to be criticized for their views or unforeseen circumstances that led them to vote for Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton failed to deliver a message to the graduating class to accept their losses in life and move on, even if that was her intention in the first place. Her anti-Trump remarks proved that she is still not over her Presidential loss, while portraying an “all-about-me” attitude during the entirety of her commencement speech.

Clinton should be inspiring women as a brilliant, empowering politician she should not be teaching the graduating class that it is acceptable to publicly express your hatred for your winning opponent, even if you disagree with their views.

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