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Each candidate strived to prove that they could take on Trump come 2020, while also defending their electability factor. One of the most notable recurring themes was the discussion over healthcare.

Winners of the Debate

Bernie Sanders has stayed true to his revolutionary image, driving home his promise of free college and defending his nationwide free healthcare. Bernie Sanders has proven tonight that he will fight for the American youth and working-class till the end. His rhetoric for the duration of the debate was built upon “Medicare for All”, defending his plan with the iconic line “I wrote the damn bill” in response to opponent John Delaney’s criticism. 

The ever idealistic and proponent of change, Mayor Pete has retained his position among the top six, reminding the nation that it is time for a change; fixing the climate crisis, and his continued efforts towards gun control as well as common sense laws. This time around, Buttigieg stood up for his beliefs, pushing his presidency as that of change; promising a better future, capitalizing upon his age as an agent of positive change 

Before the debate, John Delaney was a nobody whose entire campaign was riding on this one night. It is safe to say that after his verbal spar with Bernie Sanders over healthcare, he has gained recognition for sure. There is no doubt that his verbal spars will give him a significant poll increase among moderate voters. Despite the fact that he lost almost every match against Warren and Bernie, he managed to take his campaign off of life support which is a major win.  

Losers of the Debate

Tonight may have been Amy Klobuchar’s final curtain call, with little to no memorable lines or interactions with her fellow candidates. Throughout the evening, she failed to make an impact on viewers, her most memorable moment being her winning streak in her home state. Her inability to shine the spotlight on herself made her impossible to notice. Compared to candidates like Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, her unremarkable performance was unfortunately not up to par.

After tonight’s debate, Beto O’ Rourke should take whatever remaining dignity he has left and pull out of the race. Although he did monetize his answers on Trump weaponizing race, in order to gain his viral moment, he still lacked a significant amount of screen time. He also failed to participate in the majority of the discussions throughout the evening. The Hail Mary his campaign funds so desperately needed failed, effectively killing any chance of recovery for his campaign fund. 

Important Moments 

One of the most notable recurring themes was the discussion over healthcare, with Bernie Sanders and John Delaney leading the debate over the “human right to healthcare” and the ability to choose one’s, healthcare provider. Delaney argued that Sen. Bernie’s proposed plan would take away the nations self- autonomy in regard to their existing healthcare being covered by workplace insurance, with Hickenlooper jumping to his aid. Delaney’s argument against Sander’s policy was that it would “take private insurance away from 180 million American, who many of them don’t want to give it, many of them do want to get rid of it, but some don’t, many don’t.” 

The rift between progressives and moderate was  widened when candidates clashed over providing solutions to existing problems and creating an entirely new system as a valid solution to the issues debated tonight. Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and the self-help guru Marianne Williamson all reiterated the desperate need for a changed government, while moderate candidates John Delaney and Hickenlooper countered with creating practical solutions instead of making radical changes. 

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