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Today, I am writing from London, where I’ve arrived just in time for my Birthday. Instead of a birthday present, I am asking everyone to consider supporting independent journalism of The Pavlovic Today with a contribution of any size. The work that we put in makes sure that we can protect independent journalism and keep it open for all.

Since we are talking birthdays, against the backdrop of the Delta surge, Barack Obama threw a glitzy birthday party at the Martha’s Vineyard.

Spotted: Spike Lee, Bradley Cooper, Caroline Kennedy, Samantha Power, Valerie Jarrett, Alicia Keyes, John Legend, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Questlove, Tom Hanks, Jay-Z, and Beyonce…

A few notable guests dispatched the details of Obama’s birthday extravaganza to their tabloid of choice, Daily Mail, even though a pretty standard ban on photos and video materials was in place. Erykah Badu captured Obama dancing maskless while she was doing a video of herself. Et Voila! Making news by flouting the rules has never been easier. 

Public Health England announced that vaccination may not be as effective as deemed, initially, against Delta variant. “Some initial findings indicate that levels of virus in those who become infected with Delta having already been vaccinated may be similar to levels found in unvaccinated people,” they said in a statement. The research is still in its early stage, but can, potentially, impact what we know so far about transmissibility of the Delta.  

In translation, we are still not out of the woods. 

As the home eviction drama throughout the U.S. continues, Jen Psaki confirmed on Friday that administration officials held virtual listening sessions with groups representing landlords and tenant advocates to discuss state and local disbursement of Emergency Rental Assistance funds and ways to protect renters from evictions.

President Biden has nothing on the public schedule today. Yesterday, he attended an afternoon church mass at St.Joseph on the Brandywine. In the evening, he met virtually with members of Team USA competing at the Olympics to congratulate and thank them. 

Journalist Grant Stern was dragged out of Kevin McCarthy’ ‘s press conference by police officers for asking an inconvenient question, why he opposed the January 6th Commission. During just another day in Washington D.C., the rest of the press turned into passive spectators. 

“It’s hard for a corporate journalist to see much when their eyes can only look down their noses at independent journalists who don’t write for three or four letter outlets or print everything onto dead trees to throw yesterday’s news into your driveway tomorrow,” Stern told me on Twitter

Hall of Fame football coach Bobby Bowden died today.

Former President Trump issued a statement. “Bobby Bowden was a great coach, friend, and champion. He was a man of tremendous faith who inspired many. Seminole football and all patriotic Americans will miss him greatly.” 

In Focus

The Biden administration has imposed a vaccine mandate for all federal employees and contractors. Now, a similar requirement  is imposed for all visitors to the White House, beginning Sunday, August 8, 2021.

All who enter the White House complex are being asked to fill out the form attesting to their vaccination status.  This requirement includes journalists.

Those who are not vaccinated, or decline to return the form, must be tested at their own expense at Jackson Place, or show proof of a same-day test.

The Senate adjourned on Saturday at 7:26 p.m. by conducting two roll call votes:

1. Cloture was invoked on the Sinema-Portman substitute amendment, 67-27 with the following Republicans joining in favor: Senators Blunt, Capito, Cassidy, Collins, Cornyn, Cramer, Crapo, Fischer, Grassley, Hoeven, McConnell, Murkowski, Portman, Risch, Romney, Rounds, Tillis & Young. 
Not voting: 4 Republicans: Barrasso, Burr, Graham, Rubio, Scott (SC); one Democrat: Warnock.

2. The nomination of Eunice Lee to be a circuit judge for the second circuit was confirmed on a party line vote of 50-47, with 3 Republicans not voting: Blackburn, Graham and Rubio.
The following nominations/legislation were confirmed/passed in wrap up:

  • Bryan Newland to be an Assistant Secretary of Interior
  • Carlos Toro to be Secretary of the Navy
  • Christopher Maier to be an Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • S Res 343, paying respect to former Senator Mike Gravel on his passing.

Today, the Senate will convene at 11:00 a.m. Following Leader remarks, the Senate will resume consideration of H.R.3684, a bill to authorize funds for Federal-aid highways, highway safety programs, and transit programs, and for other purposes. (Legislative vehicle for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act)

And that’s a wrap for this Sunday morning, August 8, 2021. Throughout August, Good Morning DC will be published on Sundays. Starting September 1, we will go back to our daily schedule. In the meantime, make sure to read our daily political and other coverage at Thanks for reading Good Morning DC.



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