#GoodMorningDC. Here's the world you are waking up to this Thursday morning, April 1st, 2021

Good Morning DC! It’s Thursday and infrastructure is today’s word of the week after Biden unveiled his $2 trillion plan to mend this country’s crumbling infrastructure.

Biden’s ambitious plan focuses on roads/bridges, expansion of broadcast internet access, increased access to clean water and investments in elderly care. If approved, the new plan would create millions of new jobs, improve 20,000 miles of roadways and establish a network of electric-vehicle charging stations. Additionally, due to the climate-focused nature of the plan, its approval would be a win for climate activists in the fight against climate change. 

“It’s a once-in-a-generation investment in America, unlike anything we’ve seen or done since we built the interstate highways system and the space race decades ago,” Biden said.

While infrastructure bills usually receive bi-partisan support in Congress, Biden is expected to receive pushback from Congressional Republicans for its investments in climate change and reliance on corporate tax raises for funding. 

And, of course, Biden can’t release a new plan without us hearing from his predecessor, Trump. In a statement on Biden’s tax plan, Trump called it “radical” and a “massive giveaway to China.” Trump railed against Biden’s proposed tax increases for rich corporations and proposed that this would only advantage China and not America. 

“Joe Biden’s cruel and heartless attack on the American Dream must never be allowed to become Federal law,” Trump said. “Just like our southern border went from best to worst, and is now in shambles, our economy will be destroyed!”

Today marked day three of the live trial against Officer Chauvin. The first few days of the trial remain full of emotional eye-witness testimonies recounting the horrific events that led to Floyd’s death. One eye-witness testimony, Charles McMillian, became so overwhelmed after rewatching body cam footage from one of the police officers, that he began to cry with such emotion he was no longer able to speak. The judge had to order a 10-minute recess and when they returned the defense declined cross-examination. 

“I feel helpless,” McMillian eventually told the prosecution before the recess. “I don’t have a mama either. I understand him. My mom died June 25th.”

Some of Floyd’s last words heard in the video are him calling out to his mother, just moments before his death. 

Four people, including a child, were killed last night in a shooting at an apartment complex in Orange, California. At the time of this publication, there are few details released on the victims or a motive for the shooting. According to the Los Angeles Times, the shooter, who is in critical condition due to a gunshot wound, is being treated at a hospital. The firearm used in the attack was collected at the scene, so there is no current threat to the public. 

This is the third mass shooting in the United States in two weeks. Just 15 days ago, 8 people were killed in racially-motivated attacks at Atlanta spas. 9 days ago, a shooter killed 10 at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store.

Across the pond…

The minimum wage in the United Kingdom will rise for about two million of the country’s lowest paid workers. The National Living Wage will rise 2.2%, and will include 23 year olds and above instead of the usual ages of just 25 years old and over. Prime Minister Johnson called this “a welcome boost to families right across the UK.”

Yesterday, the number of daily vaccine second doses administered surpassed first jabs in the UK for the first time. 270,526 second doses were given out in the previous 24 hours, and now more than 4.1 million adults in the country are fully vaccinated, reported the Metro.

Easter is coming up this weekend. For those who celebrate, the CDC is saying that fully vaccinated people can gather with other fully vaccinated people unmasked. Otherwise, egg hunts, brunch, and other typical festivities can all be enjoyed with people you live with!

It’s certainly ironic that just a year ago, former President Trump was setting Easter 2020 as the date to return to complete normalcy. Maybe the Easter Bunny will put some masks in the eggs he’s hiding this year. That’s all for Thursday, April 1st, 2021. Happy April Fools’ Day and Good Morning DC will be back after Easter to give you the latest, first.

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