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Why would General Flynn open himself up for a potential blackmail in front of the foreign entity? The so-called “fake news” have now become the “breaking news”.

It only took 24 days for the first head to roll. The resignation of the Gen. Flynn opened a real crisis for the new administration on a day when President Trump had a very successful bilateral round of meetings with the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and was finally getting some positive media coverage.

The story about Russia that has been pushed on top of the media agenda for months during the election campaign, but thus far was unsuccessful in stopping Trump’s administration from moving forward, has culminated in the resignation of the National Security Adviser General Flynn.

One would assume that General Flynn would know how to keep himself and the President safe from the scandals especially as the story about  President Trump administration’s connection to Russia was looming large over their heads for weeks on end.

On Tuesday evening, the news broke that General Flynn, trusted ally of the President  Donald J.  Trump has turned out not to be so trusted after all. But could it be in fact something else than the oldest tale of betrayal?

It is pretty interesting that General Flynn would discuss sanctions in a phone conversation with the Russian Ambassador behind the President Trump’s back, knowing that he was bending the rules. It is always possible, but quite unrealistic that General Flynn did not know that his conversation with the Russian ambassador would end up in the cable.

All General Flynn had to say, should the Russian ambassador have raised the subject of the sanctions was: “I am sorry, you know I cannot discuss this.”

Let’s also try with this line of inquiry: Did General Flynn have someone’s authorization to discuss the sanctions?

It is also pretty interesting to see that an experienced combatant in conventional and special operations as well as in the intelligence assignments, would not think through all the possibilities of the security breach of his phone conversation if his intention really was to break the rules and mislead President Trump and Vice President Pence?

Why would General Flynn open himself up for a potential blackmail in front of the foreign entity? If he wanted to deceive the President and Vice President, wouldn’t he at least use some bulletproof communication line to conduct the conversation if he wanted no one else to know about it? And why would he agree to share the “secret” with a Russian ambassador? Why risk losing the trust of the Commander-in-Chief?

Whether someone hacked the phone conversation, or it was the Russian cable that got intercepted to disclose the content of the phone conversation, this whole way as to how this story unfolded seems way too simple. And that is where things get really complicated.

It is interesting that Flynn, with all the stories on the Russian hack and an unverified intelligence report against Trump, which were openly trying to delegitimize American allegiances of Trump administration, would risk to place himself in a position that could hurt the Commander in Chief. To what end?

General Flynn has essentially failed to protect himself and the President of the United States from a big crisis. For a General who once served as the 18th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, this whole turn of events seems to be pretty unreal.

Did Flynn take a fall for someone else? One thing is certain: this story won’t die and it will only open more questions. The so-called “fake news” have now become the “breaking news”. The plot is ticking.

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